Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just picture it sitting next to my coffee cup...

I bought the most beautiful book a few weeks ago. No, literally... best lookin' book you ever laid eyes on! It will make a perfect coffee table book(ya know, when I have a coffee table)! I wish I had bought a few more to give as gifts! Just look at this beauty...

I picked it up just because it was so intriguing to the eye. & I was shocked with what I saw when I flipped open the book and laid eyes on the pages.
You know how 'they' say "Never judge a book by it's cover"? Well, don't listen to 'them'! Do it! Totally judge this book by it's cover. Ahh, my kind of book.
The whole book is written this way! All artsy & dreamy. Makes me smile! There are even a few pages I'm thinking of framing!
Oh, did I mention how much I paid for this gem? $1!!!!

Know why? Because I got it from the Dollar Tree!
I was shocked and almost offended for the author of this book! I mean, YAY FOR ME for only having to pay a buck, but it's worth more! Run to your local Dollar Tree if you want one! It's also sold on Amazon, but for about 25 times the Dollar tree price.

It's a life story of sorts of Dorris Eaton. She is the last living star of the famous Ziegfeld Follies! Her life is just gorgeous. I love skimming the pages & pulling inspiration from the lovelies that are strewn about!

Amazon's right up:
Each page offers a wild mix of illustrations, doodles, photos and memorabilia from Eaton's archives, accompanied by handwritten text outlining her fascinating life, which comes across like something out of the musical Gypsy. Born in 1904 to a theatre-crazed Virginia family, Eaton was cast in New York's famous Follies at age 14, appeared in numerous silent films, worked for years as a dance instructor and earned her college degree at age 88. New York Times contributor Redniss's surrealist scrapbook approach is striking and unique, captivating readers by twining simple, evocative text with a stunning array of images, splaying words at all angles across the page; though this slows reading, the forced pace gives readers more opportunity to appreciate the book's charms.

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  1. That is so awesome! I know one of my friends who would love love love that book :D

  2. Oh you're right it looks pretty. ;) and definitely should cost more.

  3. Oh, Lacey, that is a total steal! If I knew I wouldn't have to drag two whiny kids in with me, I'd head to the Dollar Tree today. :)

  4. going straight to dollar tree, for sure.

  5. Boy, if that doesn't look like a "Lacey" book, I don't know what would! =)

  6. Oh, I love the book. Definitely something I'd buy as well. And at the Dollar Tree?! Unreal.

    By the way, I'm Ali and I found your blog through Summer. And love it! You've got yourself a new follower.

    -Ali (

  7. I just did a lil post on what coffee table books I own and I got lots of responses back about other people's favorites. this will have to be on my list now! I love a good collage. ummm and you totally should have picked up like 3 copies to have a giveaway (or I know shipping books is expensive, so a giveaway-you-pay-shipping) for your readers!

    :) so exciting to find bargains like that.


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