Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are y'all ready for this? The WG Reveal

You guys asked for it so here it is... the guy I've been seeing:
{Picture removed due to the end of that relationship... sorry,
I've got to keep his feelings in mind. He may not want his face here anymore!}

A friend got us on the list to see some band(we'd never heard of), and they gave us free tees and cd's! WG, being the sport that he is, rocked his shirt pretty hard all night. What a dork :)
Nowwww... you know WG and I are in the fun "Getting to know you" stage. I ask him things about himsef as they come to me... but sometimes I'll just say, "Tell me something!", and he'll either say, "I like you" or, "Ask me something!" Sooo, what should I be asking him, ladies and gentlemen?(Yes, I have a few gents who stop in!) Give me the goods! What should I want to know? What do YOU want to know?
Oooooh... Ahhhh... Intrigue

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  1. you two are quite adorable together!

  2. cutest couple.
    omg so cute.
    he DOES rock that shirt.
    no doubt he likes you a lot.

  3. Awwww he likessssss you! I think basic infos will be nice, like his favorite shows..hobbies..etc but I guess you know them already?

  4. You guys look so adorable together!
    I've always been horrible at asking questions. I've had people ask me that and my response is "I don't know. Ask anything" LoL

  5. Definitely get him to tell you about his Mama! Nothing will tell you about a southern boy more!

  6. happy togetherrrrrrr!

  7. You are a very cute couple. The first thing I would want to know is do you love your mother. You can learn a lot about a man by how he talks about his mother.

  8. He totally fits the sweet, southern guy bill. You guys are too cute!

  9. guys are too cute!!! :)

  10. He's a hottie!

    You should ask him what his fave candy is.
    A really good funny, yet kind of creepy way to get to know some one is to ask them a bunch of "would you rather" questions. Like... would you rather eat your own ear wax or kiss a dog ont he mouth? You'd really be surprised at some peoples answers.

  11. You guys are totally adorable together! Can't wait to see more pictures!

    I have no clue what you should ask... when my husband and I were in that stage I would ask him really, really random things like "chocolate milk or regular" and "ranch or italian" sutff like that that really doesn't matter but is fun to know.

  12. You are SO cute together. I'd ask him if he's a slob. Good to know right off the bat. :)

  13. P.S. Not hinting that he looks like he might be slobby.....just a little heads up that man men have their moms do everything for them so that when mom is not around.....things don't get done that laundry and dishes. :)

  14. awww.. you have a new boyfriend!! congrats!


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