Monday, August 3, 2009

Someone Like You (Musical Monday)

Good Monday, People! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so!

I did :)! I arrived at WG's house to find him slaving away in the kitchen. He made parmesean encrusted pork chops, homemade red sauce, rigatone, garlic bread, salad and wine. Yes... yes, I did ask myself: "Who am I and how did I get here?" We ate, cuddled and watched The Breakfast Club, played some Mario and Donkey Kong(b/c that's hot, right?) and layed around a while more before heading off to bed. I told him how awful the day before had been for me feeling like I was jeopardizing things. I told him I LIKE HIM A LOT. A LOT-A LOT. It was a night of perfection... as most are with him. :) Today was a little piece of perfection as well... I hated to leave!

Lacey Likey... A LOT.

Moving on!

I'm finally remembering to post a Musical Monday with Jori & Diane! I post about music pretty often, and it just never occurs to me to link up.

Musical Monday

I love Kings of Leon. I'm sure I've told you that before, right? When I first heard of them, I was turned off by the name of the band. Kings of LEON? Really... Leon? Not sexy.(Sorry, Leon!) I popped in the cd and scrolled through. I. WAS. HOOKED... wonkey name and all! I love rock music & Kings of Leon is definitely pulling rock back into mainstream. God bless em.

I can dig it. Can you dig it, fool?
1 song. 3 versions. I love all.
The original:
The girl version:

Guy acoustic version:

13 love notes:

  1. Yay! I'm so glad you joined us this week! Okay, the lead singer for KOL has THE BEST kind of rock voice--all sexy and gravelly.


    AND so glad you had such a happy weekend!! =)

  2. I love the drums. Happy Musical Monday!

  3. thanks for playing along!!

    i love the girl version!!! i'm a big fan of covers. she's better than the original!!

  4. so happy for you and your great weekend! :)
    i love kings of leon, never heard all of these versions, though. awesome!

  5. I love how people are able to put their covers up on youtube. It's like, instant rock star!
    Happy MM!

  6. Love the kings of leon! Its on mp3 player at the moment and this has got to be one of my favourite songs of theirs!

  7. I like the Kings of Leon but lets face it that little girl can sing her A%& off I hope to see/hear more of her she did a great job with this song. Chad... well Chad was OK but he should step aside! LOL! TY have a great one!

  8. Girly I'm happy for ypu and WG! It's so amazing how I wish to have the relationships you got. You seem to get the guys who are madly in love with you!:)

  9. Andhari-

    I seem to get "GUYS"? As in multiple? Righhhht... LOL, you're nuts!

  10. So glad you had a great weekend and such a great time with WG! I'm loving reading about this new relationship!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!