Monday, August 17, 2009

Mondays are for Lovers

...I'm Lovin' It...

My Mom gave me this cool vintage waist belt that she found in the attic a few weeks ago. I'm in love with it... I just have to find something to wear it with! It reminds me of Harry Potter, haha!

The Forget Me Knot ring by Kiel Mead. I used to have a silver bow ring when I was a teenager and looooved it. This one is super cute! It's like a little reminder :) I would need the smallest size they make(5) though and haven't found one yet. Booo

This tee from Moxie Madness on Etsy! Must have :)

Western-ish slouchy boots! I got these from Rue21 for $30. Woot woot! How cute will these be with a cotton floral dress?
Alright, that's enough lovin' for now!
OH, OH! Guess what else?
This Wednesday...
Yours Truly will be turning 25!
25? How did that happen?
I feel lucky that I still feel young and free :)
YOU should feel lucky because I'm having a
"Go Lacey, It's Your Birthday" Giveaway!

Come back on Wednesday to enter for a chance to win some goods! :)

13 love notes:

  1. Convo in the kitchen = freaking adorable! How sweet is your man! do not let that boy go!

    Love those boots - how cute!

  2. You and WG are so charming together! Its what I called "meant to be".

    Anyhoo, can't wait for your giveaway.

  3. Awe. You guys sound so cute!
    I want that sewing machine as well...that thing would come in SOOO handy around here!

  4. Lovin' the happiness oozing from your writing!

  5. Love the sewing machine! Love the ring!! Love the gooey oozing between you and wedding guy! Can't wait to see what your give away is!

  6. What a bunch of fun stuff! I will have to come back and check out your birthday giveaway! I love fall birthdays- mine is next month!

  7. Ashley- I know right? Don't worry... I'm holding him just tight enough :)

    Andhari- he is quite the charmer ;)

    Nikke- Thank you, doll! :) I think he makes me cuter, haha! Good men have a way of making women feel cuter, prettier, better than we normally do. First time I've ever experieced that!

    Ali & Tabi- I'm oozing apparently!? Haha, so funny! This is one kind of ooze I'm alright with! ;)

    Honey Mommmy- Girl, I wish my birthday counted as a "fall birthday", but here in LA... it's the deadest hottest summertime b-day you can get! We're going tubing down the river for my birthday... it will be around 98 degrees(not the band... haha)!

  8. You're so cute! I love how happy you are, Lacey! =)

  9. This whole post is incredible! Your kitchen convo is so sweet... and I love that ring and those boots! I want it all! Happy Birthday, 2 days early!

  10. I love your list!
    WG sure does sound like a great catch! :)

  11. I need that ring.


    How much is it???

  12. Lacey, they sell the Forget Me Knot ring in a size 5 at! Just search the name of the ring. plusss, adorable finds lol - I might just have to order a ring myself it would make a perfect birthday gift for a friend!!

    [And cutest convo ever with WG by the are one lucky girl :) ]


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