Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life at 24

...Today is my last day being 24...
My 24th year has been the hardest and greatest yet. I wouldn't trade it! I made some moves that people may have questioned... hell, I questioned them. But I knew that to be able to get to where I finally am, I had to do that. No regrets. I made some new friends, learned to be honest with myself, was blessed with two gorgeous nieces, met a great guy who makes me smile, found new sources for creative inspiration, learned to forgive even in the most difficult situations, became a better cook, found a seat closer to God, saw my friends more often and above all else... I LOVED.
A random wrap-up of my life at 24
The Good, The "Interesting" & The Lovely
With Boy on my 24th Birthday. I remember feeling like he didn't want to be there. I always felt like I was working with him. Lessons learned, my friends.

The Day Doll Face was born. SO full of love :)

With some of my best girlfriends at C's engagement party! This was a fun night, but I was going through a lot personally at the time.

Halloween as a Brownie Scout... I don't know what I'm doing in this picture, but I kinda love it! haha

Drinks and a life catch up with one of my best guy friends! See that margarita? BEST EVER. It seemed like there was a ton of catching up to do at that time... but oh man, if I only knew that the changing was just beginning!

A & I at our friend's wedding!

Goofing around at a Mardi Gras parade with my Uncle!

Lovin' on C at one of our many girls nights :)

Mrs. Paul Reiser's graduation day!

M and I had a little "Bored out of our minds" photoshoot. Love her :)

The girls and I out after C's Wedding!
M & I out and about
The super sweet, super gorg. WG and I. Makes me smile just lookin' at him :)
My very best friend(Mrs. Paul Reiser) and I out listening to her Dad's band.
We've been BF's for almost 21 years! Yowsa!

Goodbye 24! You've definitely been one to remember!!
Here's hoping 25 is amazing! :)

14 love notes:

  1. Fabulous pictures! Adios 24!

  2. well it sounds like a big year for you! happy happy birthday! hope this is the best one yet and things continue to go great with WG!

  3. Happy birthday Lacey, WG sounds like a so much better guy.:)

  4. Happy Birthday, Lacey! Your post took me back a few years (not that many!) to my days "pre-children." Fun! ;) Have a great day.

  5. What a great recap of the past year! Here's to hoping the next is just as rewarding!

  6. 25 will be great! I love how you reviewed your year with pics!

  7. Live and learn baby! and it sounds like you did just that in your 24th year.

  8. This is a great way to look at a Birthday...

  9. That was a fun review! Goodbye 24. I will catch up with you in November. :)

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog! Happy bday! May your 25th year be even more eventful, in a good way;)

  11. Kinda makes me think we should celebrats birthdays the day before all the time. I mean afterall, it would be a good time to reflect on the year you just had. I love it. It'll be the new fad for 2010! :) Happy early birthday my love!

  12. You are just too cute. Can you say that someone older than yourself? Or is it only reserved for people that are younger? Ah, who cares!
    I hope you have a fantabulous birthday!

  13. Ohhhhhhhh, 24...I had such a blast that year! Never fear. The best is yet to come lady!


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