Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap

I'm too tired to talk about my weekend... here are 2 pics. It was great though & now I'm exhausted!

Everyone... please nag me to take more pictures of myself and WG. I'm pretty good about taking pictures of other people & am always capable of handing my camera over for a group shot... but at the end of the weekends, I never seem to manage to get a pic. of WG & I. Boooo, me! So next time I tell you I'm going to be with him... you know what to do! The power is in your hands. Do you like it? I bet you do.

6 love notes:

  1. there is one discovery that has dominated 90% of our pictures: the self timer. discover. enjoy. itll change your life. :)

  2. 1. Check my blog when you get a chance. I just might've written a tribute post to my Lacy lady.
    2. Take more pics of you with WG! Stat.

  3. Thanks for checking out and following my blog! Love what you've done with your blog! Look forward to seeing more!


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