Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordful, Work & WTF Stephanie Pratt?

Some girls hate football season... it means your man glued to the TV half of the week, likely screaming calls at it. Me? I quite like it! I think it's the social aspect of football season that I appreciate more than anything, but whatever! Football season is beer, bbq, band music, cheering and laughter. Then again, it can be Sunday on the couch in your PJ's or sprawled on the living room floor on Thanksgiving day in a food coma. So many ways it can go... all make me plum happy!
Here's a shot from last weekend of a few of my girls and I tailgating before the LSU vs. Vanderbilt game.
We won!
This has been a part of Wordful Wednesday with...

I've been working my booty off lately, y'all! I want to get the shop filled up SOON! My favorite things I've made in the last few days are these Forrest Friends hair clips! They are soooo cute(if I do say so myself, haha)! When I found the little round chipboard pieces, I HAD to have them. I had no clue what I would do with them since I don't scrapbook or make cards, but have them, I would! I sat down and started playing around and these are what I came up with! I ♥ them in a serious way :)

Eeeep! They make me giddy!
I love when a big question mark in my brain turns into something so precious!

Hey! Have you guys seen Stephanie Pratt recently? This is the same person? Really?

Unbelievable. I feel bad for the girl, honestly. Oy.

16 love notes:

  1. I'm a football fanatic as well.
    Nothing like BBQ on a crisp day with a few beers while yelling at the television.

    I am TOTALLY loving the craftiness.
    The colors rock!

  2. Love football season! Cute creative juices you've got going! Oh and who the heck is stephanie pratt???

  3. If my hubs was ever HOME from work to watch football, I'd love the social aspect to it. :) I love casual get togethers. You and your girls look so cute at the tailgate. :)

  4. okay first...GORGEOUS!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY STUNNING even in your game gear!!

    and two love your ideas come to life!! seriously you are brilliant...

    and three...stephanie oh stephanie...dear one let the town she lives in get the best of her...poor thing...

  5. I swear, I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like football... Oh wait, my husband doesn't either. :) Sundays are made for mud in this household. :) So maybe mudding is like football just a little bit. B/C every Sunday, my hubby heads out to the mudhole and is gone alllllllll day with his buddies.



    Love the new clips.

  6. Way to get creative! Love the new pieces.

    And yeah, SP = fake fake fake.

  7. Great photo's and work. Really that is her?

  8. Oh wow. What did Stephanie do to herself?

    I guess that is what happens when you try to hard to be someone else. She just tries way to hard, it's a shame.

  9. I LOVE those frames! sooo cute!!

  10. Wonderful creations, Lacey......and, that picture of the 3 of you is so great!

  11. Uh, what's wrong with SP again? Beside that weird hair style?

  12. An LSU gal! How am I just now finding you!????

  13. I.LOVE.FOOTBALL.SEASON.TOO!!! although our football team doesn't do near as well as LSU!!

    Oh and I hear ya on Steph pratt...I read before that she had an eating disorder before...and it looks like it might have come back..

  14. LOVE your shirt! Those little creatures are absolutely adorable. Great job!

    Oh, she looks awful. Nothing more un-sexy than a ton of bones.

  15. Just found your blog and I think it's super cute. Love your little creations. Oh and Stephanie Pratt is definitely a hot mess!

  16. I saw that tanned heidi-look a like pic on "go fug yourself" it's crazy she looks as thin as an olsen twin! the only reason I comment on this ridiculous celeb is because I kind of doubt she's happier in this new skin.... poor thing :/


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