Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Don't Know What To Do With My Time

((or at least I probably won't next week. Read on for details!)
Hey Hey Heeeeey, People!

This is going to be random. You're okay with that, right? Whew, good.

*Lauren's giveaway is still kickin'. Have you entered yet? It's some seriously great stuff(ahem, if I do say so myself) See for yourself...

I know! I told you, right? Go Go Go enter!

*Had the amazing idea for my friend R to dress up as Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta for Halloween. She could stuff her bra until it was about to burst, do her makeup like crack-hoe barbie, smoke cigs all night and just walk around singing "Don't be tardy for the party". Gah, it would be amazing. She laughed at my suggestion, probably thought about it for a few seconds & then emailed me back saying she was thinking of being the Travelocity gnome. What the H? Haha. Sooo, I think one of you should be Kim and take pics and send 'em to me for giggles. Mmmkay, thanks?

*I have no idea what my plans are for Halloween yet... but some of my ideas for costumes throughout the years that I have yet to carry out are:

The Morton Salt girl
Olive from Little Miss Sunshine
Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction
& my personal fav... The Hamburglar!

*I'm taking a little bloggy break next week so I don't end up like this kiddo...
(yah, I so wouldn't look that adorable passed out.)
Don't fret... though you may miss me a shit ton(classy, I know),
(but I'm not going to miss you... I'll still be stalking you, duh.)
I've got some super hottie hott hott subs to take my place.
Oooo Weee, can't wait to see who they are, can ya?

Come back Monday-Friday and you won't have to wonder anymore, my pretties!

X's and O's

6 love notes:

  1. I'm sure you'll be awesome as Mia Wallace. But Hamburglar? HAMBURGLAR? Lol take many pictures if you go as him for halloween please.

  2. Hamburglar? For reals? I mean, that might just be the best idea I have ever heard. I'm just sayin...

  3. those are some awesome ideas my love...

    Kim...that would be freaking fabulous!!! lol

    I will miss you next week, please don't forget about me....

  4. My girlfriend sent me over to your blog through Mama Kat because I AM going as Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta for Halloween!! I will be sure to send you pictures. (My girlfriend is busily making me flesh colored pillows to use as boobies!!)

  5. Woohoo, can't wait to find out who you've got up your sleeve! And I like the fancy picture you've got up of my giveaway. It's definately alive and kicking. Lots of entries so far!

  6. Olive is a GREAT idea for a Halloween costume!

    And you may not miss me, but I'll sure as hell miss youuuu!

    Happy bloggy break! Xo


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