Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Hello before A Goodbye

Pssst, it's me... Lacey.
Just popping in before I hand my little baby blog over!

I wanted to encourage all of you lovely people to go visit my guest posters blogs this week! I wouldn't have asked them to post here if I didn't think they were absolutely fabulous... so go check 'em out! I bet many of you are already familiar with them anyway!

I absolutely love these girls & I hope you do too!

Kick starting the week is Stillettos and Diapers!
Molly is an a-freakin-dorable SAHM who's making a life out in Cali with her men folk.
I always tell Molly that she's living a life similar to what I thought mine would be, so I love love love reading about what she's up to!(because hey-ya, i was wrong!) She's also a fellow Southern gal... so ya' know, we've got a bond y'all.

Who else is on the menu, you ask?

KLaw: Inspired
She's a doll face with a sassy mouth who's married to a handsome dude, but stalks is in love with Ryan Reynolds.(Man, I just made her sound really complicated!) She's currently working on: a baby and a kitchen re-do... among other things. She's a busy gal who's keeping her wits about her through it all!

Oofa Luffa Le

This girl is like a little blonde(but don't you dare call it platinum)Energizer Bunny
(probably cause she's hyped up on the Full Throttle, like 24/7 y'all)
don't blink(yes, even when reading) or you'll miss somethin'!

The Daily Dose

This is my nearest dearest goldest(don't you dare call us old) friend in the whole wide world.
We're so in tune we know when the other needs us without being told... it's a gift.
We also tend to resemble one another at times... people just assume we're related,
and I'd never tell them different. To me she is family. Here's hoping we're still friends after this post... I kid, I kid.

Le Musings of Moi

Ohhh Summer... I can't say enough about her, really.
She is always, always there when I need her... fashion talk, serious life talk and everything in between! She also happens to be the Momma to my bloggy niece and nephew. Seriously, she's a gorgeous baby maker.(But she's done, so don't try to hire her to make you one... I already tried.) I love this lady big time & if don't already... you totally will after this!

Thanks in advance, girls!

5 love notes:

  1. We'll miss you this week! But can't wait to read all the yummy goodness from these fine ladies!

  2. will miss you!

    but excited for klaw and brooke, i love them!! and the other ladies to be able to met them!

  3. Lookslike it's gonna be all kind of fabulous. I'll stick around :)

  4. I totally adore Molly!!!

    .. and where are you going?

    Sounds long and far : (


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!