Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Naps,"Gas" & Baby Laughs: It's All In A Day's Work

Yesterday I learned...

I can last exactly two nights away from WG before I start missing falling asleep like this:
(Such a funny one!)
Feeling super emo & needing my Mister by my side in a big ol' way.

Gasoline isn't one of those "The glass(or tank in this case) is half full" kind of things...
it's always, always, always half empty. Yeah, I totally ran out of gas today. Well, I didn't really run out, like break down on side of the road... my car just wouldn't start in my driveway today b/c it apparently had ZERO gas in it. Way to go, Lacey. Way. To. Go.

I can multi-task like no other.
I literally have 6 projects going, laundry in the washer & dinner cooking. Mmmhmm, I blow my own mind sometimes.

I'm completely capable of laughing my bootay off at 7am.
My 14 month old niece, with a serious sassy attitude had me rolling before the sun even had a chance to warm the air. God bless her :)

Taking 2 naps in 1 day is awesome & not at all lazy.
(okay, maybe a little lazy... but really, really AWESOME)

My BFF is having a giveaway today! An apron that'll hit the shop ASAP is included(along with some other greatness... seriously, I want it!) & I think you should go try your luck! I would ♥ it if one of my lovies won!

11 love notes:

  1. I sooo agree about the nap thing, haha wish I could do that!

    I can also do like 10 things at one time too!

    sorry about the gas thing.. what a bummer.

  2. Ohhhhh that gasoline is pesky pesky! Gets me too many times, more than I'd like to admit!

  3. OMG! I am constantly running out of gas. I still haven't learned my lesson...lol!

  4. i loath LOATH getting gas!! it is the one chore i basically would hire someone to do over cooking or cleaning for me!

    and naps?!?!? ooohh lady you're speaking my language...love me some mid.day zzzzzz's!

    and love love love you!!!

  5. Oh my sweetness, no gas?!? You poor poor thing!!!!

    And just go get married already. =) Come on into our club.

  6. Ugh where are my two naps!? LOL

  7. ok seriously that is one of FAVORITE friend episodes. LOVE it.

  8. LOVE that friends episode...they stretch and look over and everyone is staring at them. :)

    I'd kill for two naps--that would make my day. But I think maybe I'd feel a little groggy afterwards....

  9. i don't like getting gas either and there is a gas station right across the street from my house. thankfully i don't drive far at all, ever so i only have to get gas every 3 weeks or so.

    NAPS are my favorite!! i always try to take at least one on my day off, sometimes they turn into 3-4 hour naps. whoa laziness ;)

  10. girl, didn't you just run out of gas...like 2 weeks ago?! :)
    mid day napping is amazing and not lazy whatsoever!

  11. I LOVE that Friends episode! Nap buddies.


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