Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dirty dirty googlers

Things people have googled just in the last few days that have brought them to me...

Touching genitals while asleep
(Well, okay.)

Cat shits on bed
(this one is totally Kristen's doing! haha)

Do dates make you shit?
(this has got to be my absolute all time fav.)(She smiling, but holding her stomach ... we all know why now.)

Man, I've got some freaky freaky blog readers. To be fair, I don't think they were really LOOKING to find me, but I bet once they did they were all, "Aww, how did I live before her?" Right? Right. (lie to me if you have to).

(I get what they were looking for, but how did they get HERE? Have I written about dating & shitting and don't remember it?)

Tonight(it's Tuesday still), WG & I ran to Pet Smart, ate some Chili's(who doesn't love an all day/every day two for one drink special? Nobody, that's who.) and then we came home(his) & cuddled and watched tv. He finally pulled the tv back out of his closet and it's kind of heavenly, no lie. It's been a good night :)

In other news, WG is going to become a rapper so he can say some obscene shit and get paid for it.

Oh & I got a couple of commenters wanting to know how I did the little tacked note on yesterday's post, so listen listen here!
I googled "loose leaf paper", searched the images and happened to see the tacked note. Saved it. Loaded it into (you could use photobucket or photoshop) and put my text on there. Saved & posted! & Taaa Daaa! So no, it wasn't a cool program or anything... just had to do a few search & saves :)

11 love notes:

  1. Do Dates Make you Shit? + Touching genitals while asleep= AHAHHA. Hilarious.
    I keep Googling wacky stuff just to see if there will be any results :P

  2. Hahaha! Well its good to know that your readers are a little 'interesting'!

    Thank you for the how-to on the tacked note...I'm gonna give it a go :)

  3. Like I always are brilliant!


    one of your freaky deaky readers

  4. that is crazy! I promise i've never googled about dating and going number 2 :)

    I do love you though and I dont know how I live without you!

  5. OK fun I re-found your blog. I was over commenting at Le Musings of Moi and there you cute little face was!

    Little confused...last I saw your blog I thought we were talking about Dr. McDreamy....trying to piece it together now...hmmmmm.

  6. hilarious. that so weird!! i wonder what mine would say

  7. seriously anytime i need a good chuckle or lifting up of spirits i look at my recent keyword searches...they are hilarious and i love love them!!!

    and you!!!

  8. My google searches are the best! People are crazzzzyyyy!!!!

  9. Freaky, freaky!

    Okay, so Chilis here doesn't do 2 for 1's! Can you even believe it?!? Whenever we go back to NY it's a tradition to go with our friends because I have withdrawls!!

  10. LOL WG gonna be a rapper? You gotta tell him I'm up for collaborations and you should be our singer, Lace.:)


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!