Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking Out On The Morning Rain...

I used to feel so uninspired.

Spent my Monday painting as planned...but my mood took a funky turn in the afternoon and it totally ruined my painting mojo.
I realized today that I am easily affected by others.
Specifically, others moods.
My mood can change from 11 years old and just met JTT excited to, well, BAD in a matter of seconds when I'm around someone who's in a funk.
Stop bringin' me down, gahhhh.

Anyway, my funky mood made me lose all the inspiration I had floating around in my brain.
(I did doodle (what do you called doodling when you do it with a paint brush?) a cartoon of myself while i sat there waiting for creativity to strike... she came out sort of cute!)I also took a few pictures of my gorgeous niece Doll Face modeling one of my dresses.
She rocked it. She actually just took professional pictures in this dress, and I can't lie...
that makes my heart swoon. :)
I've been creating things for about a year and a half now & it just never gets old to see someone using or displaying something I've made. I once saw a little girl wearing a bib I'd made(it was given to her as a gift... I didn't know her) and I literally jumped up and down, grabbed my friend's arm and was like, "Holy crap! I MADE THAT!" Haha, love love love.

In other news, there's a freaking tropical storm making it's way through the Gulf of Mexico right now. I'd like to take a moment to write an open letter to Ida.
I've got your back FL, I've got your back.

((Have any of you heard the Lily Allen song "F you very much"? Oh my goodness, vulgar... in the cutest way possible. How is that even possible? I admit it lifted my funk a bit earlier, just giggling at it & dancing around :) ))

Be Cool My Babies

15 love notes:

  1. your blog is lovely! great layout (same as mine ;) i'm stopping by from sits to say hi and wish you a sweet day!

  2. I totally know what you mean about being affected by other people's moods - you can't help it no matter how hard you try!
    Lovely blog :)
    How did you do that pinned up note thing?! It looks so cool!

  3. I love the cityscape! and the doodle of yourself! You are too good!

  4. That note thing is awesome! How'd you do that?

    Sorry about Ida. I think I wished her away from Florida and now she's coming for you!

  5. I love your creations! Your niece is presh. :)

  6. Im the same way, with the whole mood thing. I hope your day is better today :)

  7. You are so artistic and creative! I love the paintings and the doodle of yourself, that's cute.

  8. I love crafty stuff too, and wish I had your dedication to it!

    That song is so adorable... But did you know she wrote it for George Bush when he left office? Or at least that's what I heard... The people in Europe didn't like him very much.

  9. i seriously canNOT get over your amazing talents lady...you are destined for great things my love...great amazing wonderful things...

  10. Oh my word lacey loo!!!! You are so incredibly talented that its making my jealous bone...um, jealous!!!

    In love with that baby dress....


  11. I too am easily affected by others' moods, which is why I try to surround myself with generally happy, positive people who will keep me optimistic.

    ~ Jen

  12. You are so talented. Please put more of this up on Etsy. I would buy them in a sec. Maybe one day, I will have a little girl that you can make clothes for and I can pay you! lol!

  13. Just stopping by from SITS, but I can TOTALLY understand being affected by others. I'm glad that Lily Allen could cheer you up :)

    And I agree with Quincifer...that note is AMAZING.

  14. Your niece is precious. And your blog is so cute. I love the layout.
    I hate days where I feel so uninspired. You seem so creative I'm sure you'll come up with something good.
    Stopping by from SITS, I hope you've had a fabulous day.

  15. Your note worked...Ida is just a bunch of rain now. You are absolutely magical, Lacey!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!