Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
I hope you're all enjoying some family time & stuffing your faces with yummies!
So thankful for each and every one of you... honestly.
You make my days so much sweeter!
Love & Hugs,

p.s. Are you bunch of crazies going shopping at the bootay crack of dawn to get some good deals? Tell me... is it REALLY worth it? I've never been a Black Friday shopper...

ridiculously adorable pumpkin pie pup photo via we♥it

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  1. hahaha that photo is FANTASTIC!!!! I'm shopping online. :) My couch, my pajamas, christmas specials on tv and a big cup of fresh brewed coffee and a twinkling christmas tree!

  2. aweeee, girlfren....I am thankful for YOU!!!!

    big fat MUAH!

  3. I've been a black friday shopper since I was about 18. I love it! You really can get some good deals if you plan it out ahead and know what you want before you go. I always cut the items I want out of the sale papers and glue them to blank sheets of paper arranged by store. I don't have to carry all the sale papers around and I know exactly what I want from each place. Kinda OCD, but I have fun!

  4. I've never gone either, but Friday will be my first! You best believe that I'll be at Old Navy at 3am to get some $15 jeans!

  5. I go every year. The thing is, I never ever have something I have to get. My girlfriends and I just love going. So, not to sound sappy but we have a blast the whole which totally makes it worth it!
    Happy Thanksgiving Lacey!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Im not doing black friday this year, but last year it was SO worth it!

  7. Depends on what you wanna buy, I guess lol happy thanksgiving, Lace.:)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And NO. No Black Friday for this gal. Nuh-uh!

  9. Hope your Thanksgiving was good! No shopping for me today, well maybe online :)

  10. Cute pic! Hope your Thanksgiving was good!
    I got some serious loot for getting up at the bootay crack today!


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