Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll Bet You $20...

...I can cough more than you.

The day before Thanksgiving I woke up with a full blown cold, topped off with nausea. It was awesome to say the very least. I spent the entire day in bed & missed going to Chuck E. Cheese with my family for my niece's birthday. Thanksgiving brought on another day of illness and lunch with the family. That evening I packed some clothes, some food for WG & hit the road. We spent the evening curled on the couch and in bed... both sick. The drowsies took me over & the coughs took over WG. Poor guy was up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Nooootttt me, I slept from 12am-12pm. That's right. You heard me. NO SHAME.I did manage to get out of the house today to grab some medicine for the both of us and some food to cook later. Big days for us over here! It's like a competition of who can be more pathetically sick. I think I win. Just because I do.
Most of you were out wheelin' and dealin' today! Ya' know, I think I MIGHT be interested in going next year just for the experience... I don't know?
Depends on how many crazy pills I take the day before.

This year I'm intent on MAKING as many Christmas presents as possible. Some things may need to be bought, such as frames for silhouettes I plan to make for some people... but I def. plan on finding them on sale or at a seriously discounted price from Marshalls or TJX.
I'll be making: baby dresses, a skirt, aprons, tea towels, silhouettes, tees, chalk board bubbles &&& the project I'll be sharing with y'all on Tuesday Dec. 1st for the Holiday How To!
Lacey in Love

How was your Thanksgiving? Anything funny or any good family drama go down?
Gahh, gotta love the Holidays! :)

Gotta run! The Sweetest Thing is on TBS and I plan on enjoying every corn ball moment of the rest of it. "It's Jesus, look! It's Jesus!" ;)

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  1. Oh crap, feel better! And same to WG.

  2. Sorry you are sick! Feel Better.

    Still debating that Holiday how to!!

    Cant wait to see yours :)

  3. Hope you both feel better soon!!

  4. Woman!!! Soooo sad that you're poe poe baby waby girl.

    Get better....

    And if you come to SoCal next year, I'll get up early and shop with you! =)


  5. Sorry you were sick! So were my babies and we missed Thanksgiving with my family. So sad! Hope you are doing better.

    I wish I knew how to make things. I will definetely be tuning in for the How to!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. OMG that is my FAVORITE movie of all time! Love love LOVE it :) Enjoy! Hope you feel better!

  7. After a long think i FINALLY have something I can contribute to the Holiday How To....yay!

  8. I don't know... I'm pretty sick right now... wanna have a cough off? :)

  9. Hope you feel better soon! I love that you are making Christmas presents...I'm trying to do more of that this year too. And you must go shopping one Black Friday just to say you did =)

  10. lacey! im a huge fan -- read you religiously and LOVE your stuff on etsy. tell me, what are you thinking of making for the men in your life? im trying to make all of my gifts as well, but i cant figure out what to get for my dad, grandad, brother, etc.. heeelp!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!