Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm not REALLY here...

Hey y'all!
Wanted to spread the word about a little blog carnival myself and a few other fabulous ladies are hosting on Dec. 1st! We want you all to join in with us... so listen listen here, dolls!

On Tuesday December 1st, we want to get a bunch of you folks to post a "Holiday How-To". Imagine how much everyone could gain from this! Whaaaat, I can't wait to get some ideas! For those of you who aren't crafty and are thinking this will be zero fun for you... I'm here to tell you that you're wrong! SORRY... hate burstin' bubbles like that. But this carnival isn't about crafts alone... it's HOW TO get through the Holidays! A few things you can already expect to see on the list are, How to: Hair, Make-up, Fashion & yes... DIY gifts.
So whatcha got?
A food recipe? Packing/Traveling tips? Decorating tips?
A craft for kids? Santa tips? A cocktail recipe?
The more the merrier! There can be multiples of whatever too... there's a different way to do everything!

Wondering who else is hosting? Read the button :)
Lacey in Love

So grab the button if you wish, spread the word to your friends! Start thinking up your how-to & Come over and link up with us on Dec. 1st!

It's going to be soooo much fun!

Oh, oh!
I'm guest posting for my bestie today over at The Daily Dose!
Come give us some bloggy lovin' over there!

X's & O's

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  1. The holiday how to looks fun!! I will have to think if I can come up with something or not!!

  2. what a fun idea!!!! i might just have an idea of a how-to =)


  3. Looks like alot of fun. I hope you don't mind a stranger joining in.
    I also ahve an etsy shop for jewelry.

  4. This is such a cute idea! I'll haeve to think real hard to come up with something but IT sounds like so much fun =)

  5. yeyeyeyey for holiday how to's!!!! gotta get my post up!!! SOOOO EXCITED! yeyeyey!!! those photos!

  6. yay! all my favirote blogs are participating! can't wait :)

  7. Ah! This sounds like sooo much fun. Count me in...

    Now I'm off to figure out what the heck I'm going to post about....eek

    Ps. I'm still christmas mornin' excited about you and your lovely blog. =)

  8. Okay Just realized that you remind me of a prettier, more talented Jamie Lynn Spears. LOLz. I love it.

  9. this looks so fun! I will have to think of something....


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