Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sickness, Super Sales & Jamie Lynn Spears?

My weekend sucked.
I was sick.
I even felt to too bad to straighten my hair.
I wore it in braided pig tails.
I don't think I've EVER worn my hair in braided pig tails.
I felt like a kid,
But it looked kind of cute.
I took a picture for you...
(It's up on the right.)
But couldn't resist the urge to use the end of my pig tail as a stache.
I am really liking my new eye makeup though.
(Just seeing it in the pic. made me think about it... you know I'm random, whatever.)
I'll tell y'all what I'm using soon if you're interested.
Too lazy to get up and figure out what the name of it is right now.
The best part of my sucky weekend was napping for 2 whole hours
on Sunday with my 2 year old nephew snuggled up against me.
Pure perfection.
The 2nd best was breaking out of bed long enough
to sneak to the mall to grab Chick-fil-a
& hitting the motherload of sales at Rue21 by shear happy accident.
I got 2 super cute dresses, a top, a belt & a bracelet for $20.
I could've just spit I was so happy.
(I've always wanted to say that!)
So that was that.
My crappy weekend riddled with little happy moments.
How was your weekend?
What did you do?

I came across this little ditty on someone's blog(I'm a ding bat and can't remember who for the life of me. Sooo if it's you-raise your hand.) Anyway, I liked it because it's questions I've never answered in a survey/meme before! If you do it too, let me know so I can come read your answers!

One character from TV or Movie you identify with?
This is kind of a tough one. I don't think I've ever been watching tv or a movie and thought "That's SO me." But when there are a group of women in a show or movie, I can always pick the one I identify with the best.
Friends- Rachel
"They're my new "I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots" boots!"
Now & Then- Samantha
"As we grow older, it becomes difficult to just believe. It's not that we don't want to, but too much has happened and we can't. "
Sex and The City- Charlotte
"My hair hurts. I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he?"

A celebrity you've been told you resemble?
(I've answered this one before, but I'll do it again b/c I still have the pic. saved- HELLO, lazy.)
These three ladies...Katie Holmes when I was younger... you know, straight from Capeside-Joey Potter style, y'all.
Rachel Weisz- I've only ever heard this when my hair is a)curly or b)up
& Kristen Davis I get kind of often

& literally as I was writing this post, I get a message from my new adorable(&local!!!) friend "Kora" saying she thinks I resemble Jamie Lynn Spears! Ahahahha, made me giggle. This is the first time I've ever heard this & I've gotta say, I thought she was nuts at first. Seriously? Jamie Lynn Spears? But I guess we do kind of have similar features?
What attracts you to a guy?
A nice smile. ((& with my boyfriend now... I was attracted to him b/c of the way he looked at me. He didn't look me up and down... he really LOOKED at me. It was different & nice. Felt genuine. He may have been thinking dirty thoughts, but he LOOKED genuine.))

What have been some of the most difficult times in your life?
Much of my childhood was riddled with a severe anxiety disorder.
I still battle it, but I'm able to control it(or handle it, rather)better as an adult than as a child.
I think the worst point was 4th grade after my favorite Aunt passed away... my anxiety peaked that year.
& Then in college it got pretty bad.

What do you like the most about yourself?
I like the way I love. I love with everything I have. Or I try my very best at least.

Alllllright people...
I'm outie.

((Oh & just a P.S. to my ppl who like to decorate... Hobby Lobby put their fall decor 80% off today... RUN!))

This was long... sorry. I'm on cold meds & they tend to make me act like I've had a few and ramble... and ramble... and ramble...
you get me ;)

13 love notes:

  1. love it...and totally agree you look like all of those ladies!!! AMAZING!!!

    hope you are feeeling better soon love!!!

    need to get my holiday how to up!!! EEEKS!!!

  2. I love that you love with everything you have!!! Definitely see "Charlotte" in you!

    Many hugs my Red Hot Louisiana Mama!

  3. I am for sure going to hobby lobby during my lunch break! Thanks!

  4. Makes me want to go to Rue21 and Hobby Lobby today. I think I might do that. Love some sales.

    Also love the mustache. Makes you a little like a pirate! Heehee!

  5. Sigh, I LOVE the Hobby Lobby, but I moved away from it unfortunately. Oh well... Roberts kind of sucks...

    I like your braided pig tails, but I always do that... LOL

  6. I hope you feel better soon!!! You DO resemble Charlotte! How funny! And all of those ladies are gorgeous, so you're definitely in good company.

  7. I also think you look like the actress that plays Lexi on Grey's Anatomy (but prettier)!

  8. Wow I can definitely see the similarity in all those pictures! At least you get compared to pretty people which is always a plus!

  9. So I have to say you do look a bit like some of these ladies, but Jamie Lynn...NO!

    I happened to see her this weekend at Kirin's in Hammond and well let's just say...yuck much.

  10. I've always thought you looked like Kristen Davis......and you know, you do sort of look like Zoey 101. :)

  11. Lacey loooooouuuuu!!!!!! I missed youuuuuuuuu!

    My sisters left today and I'm a little blue, but coming here made me feel a smidge better.

    I'll try to be back in all my glory tomorrow.

    Love ya lady love!


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