Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Bones

photo cred: Chris Cramer
Wedding Guy came and stayed with me Friday & Saturday. We literally only left the house, couch and bed for food. Well, I lie. At one point my body was sick of being horizontal, so I decided to do some head stands.... (duh, what else?) & it made WG wonder if he could do a head stand. So there we were in the middle of my living room, taking turns doing head stands. It's lovely having someone to be a weirdo with. Some weekends we go, go, go... so it's nice to have a "boring" one every once in a while.

The LSU game...Gah, it was so disappointing, right Summer B.? Booo Alabama. BOO.
(Sorry Bama fans... I just can't sit beside you on the bus today. We'll be okay again tomorrow.)
But woah, woah... How about them Saints? Black and Gold, people... Black and Gold :)

I loved having WG here. I love that I now have memories of him in my space, you know?
Cheeeeze bucket, I know.

Today is all about Me & Paint.
That's right...
Me + Paint =

See you tomorrow! Happy flippin' Monday to you!
here's a little of what I'll be listening to while I get my paint on...

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10 love notes:

  1. Hey there, gorgeous! I love lazy weekends. They are so nice and quite hard to come by.

    We were at the LSU alumni bar up here watching and it was a madhouse! So much fun until the loss. We had that game. The injuries hurt us.

    WHO DAT! I CANNOT BELIEVE! It is amazing!?

    Happy week to you, lovey!

  2. First time I've heard it, but I love that song! I also love lazy weekends, they're the best, especially when the weather gets cooler. Oh, and us Razorbacks say boooo to Alabama too.

  3. Glad you got to spend time with WG. I'm sure that was amazing. Enjoy painting.

  4. Awwwww, so glad you guys had fun. =)

    You have a good guy, my love. He knows what he has.

  5. looove head/hand stands!

    and the best weekends are when you are lazy and do nothing with the guy you love. lucky lady!

  6. I wonder if I can still do a thinks nasomuch...


  7. haha!! headstands in the living room, sounds fun ;)
    glad you had a relaxing weekend hun!
    enjoy your painting time!!

  8. I love that picture...and I LOVE bed days! Yay for a lazy weekend :)

    Stop by my blog for a little gift just for my readers!

  9. Lazy weekends are amazingly perfect. :)


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