Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's Mishap

Hey Hey Heeyyy people!

Thanks for all of your sweet words on Friday. I was in a bit of a funk but am A-OK now, thanks!
Well, cept for this...
Mmmm hmm, notice that awesome blackish-blue tint my ring finger has?
Yah, that's not a shadow.
I couldn't get a very good picture of it b/c the flash kept washing it out... (that sucker is a lovely shade that just can't be expressed on film) so I went webcam style on ya'.
Still doesn't do it justice.
You're probably thinking, "Oh slamming your finger in the door SUUUCCKKS." & yeah, you're right... except I didn't do that. THAT'S TOO NORMAL for me.
As I was heading home from WG's today, I stopped to fill up my tank(you tend to do a lot of this when your boyfriend lives an hour and a half away) and SOMEHOW when I pressed the lever to pop open my gas door, my ring finger lingered a bit and when i pulled my hand up from the button, my finger was snapped into the darn thing.

Only I can manage these kinds of things. I blow my own mind.
I wondered for a moment if part of my finger was going to be missing when I pushed the lever down again to pull my hand out, it hurt so badly. SO bad so, that I couldn't even manage to spit out any expletives. I sat in my car and felt tears fill up in my eyes. I felt like a ninny butt, but it seriously hurt. By the time my tank was half full, my finger tip was swollen to double it's normal size & beginning to turn purple.

Sooo yeah, don't do that, mmmkay? I did it for you, told you all about it...
so there's just no need for you to go there.

Don't forget the Holiday How To event is going to be going down over here (&here, here & here)
on December 1st! Get yours together & link up and join us!
(heck, you can continue to add to the list all through Dec. to be honest... I won't judge your tardiness)
Lacey in Love
Remember, it can be How To ANYTHING!
I've been thinking of tons I'd love to see! Like...
How to:
table settings, tree decorating, be a good hostess, wrap a pretty present,
perfect appetizers, budget your Christmas shopping list....
I could go on and on.

Alright, I'm pooped &
I'm pretty sure my heart has relocated to the tip of my ring finger...
throbs, throbs, throbs.


18 love notes:

  1. Ohhhhh poor lil finger! I'm glad all is intact!

    And yey for the holiday how-to's! I need to put that button up!! And get it ready lol..oh man...gonna try a vlog for real this time.

  2. Lacey girl! I am so sorry. I could practically FEEL my finger hurting as I was reading what happened.

    Ice that baby and feel better!

  3. Poor finger :( you should put oil on it. My maid told me toothpaste will work too but I'm not sure lol she's old and old people have these "different" methods for healing.:)

  4. Ouch! That really looks like it hurts! I hope you recover quickly. Once I slammed my whole hand in the car door and I had manual lock on my car so i had to slide my wedged hand out of the door. So I can definitely sympathize with you :)

  5. OUCH!!!! I would have screamed right then and there! poor finger!

  6. I'm sorry about your poor little finner! There's not much worse than that. Other than maybe getting hit in the nose. Yeah, that would suck :)
    Happy Spanksgiving!

  7. sorry about your finger!!

    im still deciding if i have the time for the holiday thing, ugh so much to do for school finals.

  8. oh you poor dear!!! haha, I am pretty destructive myself!!!!

  9. Ahhhh poor baby!!!!

    Okay, I need deets on your weekend....update me on it all. =)

    And what what, Holiday How To!!!

    I'm posting about it this week!!!

    Love la mama!

  10. I know that hurt like heck! Poor thing. I am sorry. You are so cute when you pout! hahah!

    Sending you and your finger good healing vibes!


  11. OH MAN!!!! i so need to get my post and button up!!! procrastination to the max over here!! UGGG!!!

    and bum about your finger!!! fricken OW!!! i have had this pain on the inside of my left knee for days and it felt like a bug bite...but nothing was there forever...then saturday i was shaving my legs and went to wipe at the dirt on my knee when i wasn't dirt i had just hit the HUGE black bruise that had formed...i had no idea how i got it...but flippen heck it hurts!! so my knee feels for your finger!!

  12. Ouch... I'm getting the hebbies just reading about it! OMG, I would have cried too! And I don't think I would have been able to pump gas, or drive away, for quite a while!

    I hope it feels better soon... ice, lots of ice...

    ~ Jen

  13. God love you! I forget how much stuff like that HURTS!!

  14. Sorry about your finger!

    I left you an award on my blog!

  15. Laughing out Loud at your tag "I blow my own mind" Sometimes I feel the same. HAHA

  16. Ouch! I have to say though, I laughed at the description "ninny butt" :) I usually just call myself a wuss, but I like those new descriptors!

  17. Ouch!! Hopefully you will be able to type soon! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  18. oooh lady! i am so sorry. i know the feeling of only something like that happening to you alll too well. hope it gets better soon!!


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