Monday, November 23, 2009

When Bloggers Invade

Walking slowly, I watch my green and white Asics take the familiar steps down the hall. I see that cute freshman girl who is always so sweet to me. I wonder WHY she's always SO sweet to me? I assume she's probably trying to hook up with my boyfriend. I smile at her from afar... kill 'em with kindness, I always say. I pass my Calculus teacher & smile again. Kill 'em with kindness & pray your grade goes up to a B, I always say. :/

I smell plumeria body spray and hear chit chat on top of chit chat. I open my locker, pull out my pom's & change into practice clothes. My friend Lauren calls me "Maria Tortilla" for reasons I'm not quite sure of, but love. She is singing "Maria Tortilla, she reminds me of West Side Story" to me as we stretch. We laugh and do latin dance moves to our first positions... the song begins. As I'm spinning out of a double pirouette, I take the step out to do a split leap & standing in front of me, all up in my split leaping area is...

We're one in the same...
(photos via me & Mama's Losin' It!)
At this point, I realize this is all a dream and I'm not really back in high school at dance practice. When I woke up, I was all... "Seriously, I've got to stop blogging so much." & That next week I had some of my gals fill in for me. You people GET INTO MY HEAD! When I told Kathy that she was haunting my dreams, she was pretty stoked. Seriously... all, "Sweet, I'm making it into dreams now!" and such. You know how she is. ;)

Has another blogger ever graced a dream of yours?

& Guess who went all big time business lady last week!?
Was your guess Summer?
If not, you're wronnnng!
Go check out my favorite Chic Shopper!
I got so excited when I received a text from her saying was up and running! She's been working so hard on this & I know she's going to
do simply amazing! Go show her some lovin' over there!

12 love notes:

  1. hahaha that was sooo cute!!!!!

  2. hahah such a cute post!

    I havent had anyone from bloggerland in my dreams, but I did have a steamy dream the other night about a boy from twitter. Oy Vey!

  3. so creepy to say this but ya. we blog so much that our friends became a part of real day to day lives. strange? but cool.

  4. I've actually had several dreams lately that include bloggers. Guess that's what I get for reading blogs before bed! :)

  5. Hahahahah! What a bizarre thing! You took me back with the Plumeria body spray.

  6. I've dreamt that I blogged something that hurt someone, but nothing like yours haha!

    Kinda a funny dream though!

  7. Remember the dream where I was in LA thrift store shopping???

    I wish!

    And could you be any sweeter blogging about Chic Shoppers??? =)

    Love ya lady!!! Mucho mucho!

  8. YES! I dreamed about a blogger last night! It was so weird.

  9. Yes I just had a dream I was at a museum with ijustine....Oh how I wish that were true LOL!

  10. Funnayy! I don't think I have had any blogger dreams. I better pick it up some!

  11. This is so funny. And I can totally picture you pom pomming and spinning and such. I bet all the girls hated you for being so pretty and perfect. ;)


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