Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is life before you know who you're gonna be... Fifteen.

My best friend and I were hanging out on a boring Friday night in the year 2000.
(couldn't pass it up, right?)
We did what any normal 15 year olds would do when boredom struck.
Rent chick flicks, order pizza, paint our nails and talk about boys. DUH.
Never one to pay a delivery fee, we hopped in the car with my Mom and headed to Dominos drive through window.
We pulled up and waited a few minutes until finally a young guy came to the window and asked for the name the order was under...
I leaned over my Mom and said, "Lacey"
(Ya know... had to get a good look at the guy and see if he was a hottie or a nottie. There was potential.)
He nodded his head, closed the window & headed to the back to get our pizza.
I turned around to chat with my friend in the backseat, when I heard the guy open the window...
"Can I get your phone number?" he asked, routinely, to my Mom.
And then, as she put her hand to her chest & blushed, my Mom said the most hilarious/horrifying thing she could have said in that moment.
"Well... I'm flattered but I think you're a little young for me."

Thank God he wasn't a TRUE hotty ;)Mom & I at my friend's wedding last year
(excuse that squinty eye, I MAY or may have not been slightly intoxicated)

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  1. love it! moms do the funniest/craziest things that ALWAYS seem to embarrass us.

    You both look cute in that picture!!

  2. Hilarious story!
    Mom's are the best. :) Love the pic!

  3. ahhahha...such a funny story!! but i feel for your mom because i would say that....only in seriousness...not knowing the wanted my number for the order or anything hahhah

    that alone won me over...

    Hello, my name is mari...and I LOOVE me some Conan!

  4. What a great post! I love it : ) Very funny : ) and I am SO glad he wasn't a true hottie : )

  5. 1) Gotta love Conan!

    2) Oh moms! They have such a knack for saying just the "right" thing at the "right" time!

  6. blahhhh that is so stinking funny I love it

  7. Hilarious! Not much more I can say. Although, I can see this happening to me. I mean, what you mom did. I'll probably do that one day! I really scare myself sometimes.

  8. Hahaha oops! Bless her. I hope you didn't correct her on what he meant, she was probably loving that moment :P

  9. :) That's perfect! I hope I don't embarrass my daughter like that when she's 15!

  10. Ahahahahahhaha!! I love this!! Mom's are the best

  11. Your mamma had some sass! Love it!

  12. hahaha oh my goodness that is too funny!!!! What a cute mom you have!

  13. What a great story!!! Ha ha ha ha! I love it!!

  14. Isn't she just the sweetest thing!!!

    Almost as sweet as my Lacey love.

  15. Oh my gosh that is hysterical!
    I love stories/posts like these that make me laugh out loud and my coworkers turn around and look at me crazy-these invoices are cracking me up I tell them!

  16. OMG that is so funny. And adorable!

    Ya'll are beeeeautiful!

  17. "Rent chick flicks, order pizza, paint our nails and talk about boys."

    Still do that a lot. *blushed*

    Anyhoo, your mom is hilarious!:)


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