Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Little Bee

That's Monday! WOAH WOAH WOAH, even December is starting to fly by!
Everybody come join us, pleaaassse! We would love to have you!

Busy weekend ahead!
Some time with WG,
Some shopping,
Some time with the family,
Some time with WG & the family,
Nieces birthday party,
WG's work party,
Maybe a craft fair
& then some work!
I'm tired as it is & still can't shake this cold...
by Sunday I'm going to be POOPED!
But happy, because it will be a blessed weekend for sure!
Full of loveliness!

Have a fabulous weekend, dolls!
xo, lacey

I can't begin to explain what was happening in this picture,
because I seriously don't remember.
But I love it all the same! :)
It's so my girls.
I lurrvvve them

4 love notes:

  1. Oh my.... looks like some fun

  2. have a great weekend hun!!
    all you ladies are so purdy :)

  3. Busy busy Lacey. But gotta love this time of the year when your social schedule is the fullest, aside of summer.:) haha.

    You and your girls look lovely!

  4. I will most def def def be there. That's love and commitment baby!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!