Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday How-To

Welcome to the Holiday How-To event!

So here's the deal...

We want to get a bunch of you folks to post a "Holiday How To."

Imagine how much everyone could gain from this!

For those of you who aren't crafty and are thinking this will be zero fun for you...
I'm here to tell you that you're wrong!
SORRY... hate burstin' bubbles like that. But this carnival isn't about crafts alone...
It's HOW TO get through the Holidays!

A few things you can already expect to see on the list are,
How to: Hair, Make-up, Fashion, Fitness & yes...DIY gifts.

So whatcha got?
A food recipe?
Packing/Traveling tips?
Decorating tips?
A craft for kids?
Santa tips?
A cocktail recipe?

The more the merrier!
There can be multiples of whatever too...there's a different way to do everything!

MckLinky will be up all month long, so don't feel the pressure to post just today.
Come back later this week, next week....anytime this month, and make sure to keep checking back as well for more How To's!

***When linking up, please link with the name of your "How To" rather than your blog name...and make sure the link goes directly to your blog post, not simply your blog. Anything else will be removed....blah blah blah.***

Time for my How-To!
Are you ready to get a little crafty with me?
Well, let's do this thing than!

While this project is great as a little gift for yourself & your own home, it would also be a great gift for teachers, white elephant, co-workers, friends, family, neighbors...
everyyyyybody! (PSST: It's A kid friendly project, so if you have kiddos get them in on the craftin'!)

Sparkle & Shine Holiday Wreath
1. Unwrap old wire hanger
2. Bend into a circle & twist ends together

3. Wrap bead garland around the wire circle.
There's no form to this... just go crazy!
There's no need to use any hot glue or adhesives, just twist the end of your strand to a piece of the strand that's already wrapped in place and voile', it's where ya want it to be.

I think it's best to use bead garland that has different sized beads on it to give it some interest.
It would take A LOT more wrapping & layering if they were all the same size!

Looka Looka how pretty it came out! Doesn't it look fab?
Yup, that's my bathroom folks. I like to spread the holiday cheer all over the stinkin' place!

I just recently put all my goodies on a vintage cake
stand that was given to me by a friend & I'm simply in love with how sweet it looks!

Here's how it all evened out:
Bead Garland- $1.00 each (end of season clearance at Target last year) I used three 6' strands.
Feather clip- .50 on clearance at Hob Lob (you could use wire ribbon to make a bow too!)
Monetary Total: $3.50
Time Total: 15 minutes

Seriously... YOU CAN DO THIS!
It was ridiculously easy!

Link on up, friends! Teach me a little somethin' somethin'!
I'll be back later on this week to share another!

12 love notes:

  1. Gorgeous, I love it. Im going to have to try this!!

  2. Oooooh, I want one!!!!

    Believe it or not, I think I can actually do it!!!

  3. I didn't get mine yet, I"ll post this evening! I'm doing christmas fudge! :D

  4. I absolutely LOVE IT ... but I think I'll wait until after Christmas and make a few for next year when all the garlands go on sale

  5. How pretty!! I might be able to actually do this!!

  6. Oh how must think of something...I will be highlighting this event on my show Wednesday!

  7. pretty, pretty!!!
    i want to make one!!
    i love holiday decor :)

  8. I posted something...ehhh moderately creative?! I like your wreath lady. That's pretty festive ;)

  9. I NEED TO MAKE THIS NOW! BUT NYC sucks in the craft departments. :(

  10. Lacey, that was very cool. Hell, I might even try it.

  11. Great idea!! Love all the crafty ideas! You should host this more often! Have three things I definately want to do now!


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