Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thoughts From The Past part 1

Vintage Lacey in Love
posts via the old blog address
I only managed to save a few... so I'll be posting them sporadically to get them back into my little world over here.

::All I Want Is You::
All I want is someone to cuddle up to on cold mornings and sprawl out with on hot nights... Someone to wrestle with... Someone to call me before bed... Someone to dance with... Someone to jog with... Someone to bake for... Someone to tickle... Someone to go out of my way for... Someone to worry about me... Someone to worry about... Someone to tell my weird dreams to... Someone to be proud of me... Someone to put their hand on the small of my back... Someone to hold my hand... Someone to touch my face when they kiss me... Someone to leave love notes for... Someone to take goofy pictures with... Someone to smile at from across the room... Someone to be better for... Someone to sit next to at family dinner... Someone to share my nieces and nephew with... Someone to look pretty for... Someone to laugh with... Someone to like...
Someone to LOVE. Someone to LOVE ME.
Am I asking too much?

6 love notes:

  1. love it. that someone is coming. being happy is NEVER asking too much

    cuteeee pic. xoxox

  2. no, definitly not too much to ask. Don't rush it. It will come soon. :)

  3. chilly bumps over here on my army arms. i love this vintage post. ;)

    it is not too much to ask. i want the same things but in the form of a baby brown.

    oh gosh, let me start. i may cry! GRRRR. STRONG!

    i love you

  4. Not too much to ask.......and most deserved, too.

  5. I love this post! That picture is really cute too!

  6. If anyone deserves it, you do. And WG better bring it. Or I'm on my way over to kick his butt.


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