Friday, December 11, 2009

WG is leaving on jet plane...

... luckily I do know when he'll be back again!(Just a few days!) He's taking a quick trip to his parents for a few days. I'm gonna miss him all crazy like though, of course! Say a little prayer for his safety while he's traveling, wontcha? I knew you would... that's why I love you so.

I'll be working all weekend... so it'll fly anyway. Maybe I'll spend a little extra time with the fam. & my baby loves as well :) & Hopefully get my Christmas presents done! Whew... I'm pushin' it!

Cross your fingers for me!
xo dolls,

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  1. OK...I have to say that the last post made me a bit nervous. I thought something happened with WG. And I was sad for you. So glad that was just a post flashback.
    Haven't commented in a while, but I still stop by and read every few days.

  2. leavingggg on a jet plane, dontttt know when ill be back again.. love it

    saying prayers for im and crossing my fingers:)

  3. Have a great weekend beautiful lady!

  4. I'm pushing it too, holy crap I have to get to work quickly!

  5. I know how you feel! My man has been away all week for work, and I pray every time he travels for a safe trip. He's coming home tonight though! Just think how exciting it will be when WG gets home, and it will help you get through.

    Enjoy your solo weekend, sounds like you'll have more than enough to keep yourself distracted!

    ~ Jen


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