Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Exit to Exit...

I Drive.
I'm pretty sure I could do it with my eyes closed...
[Don't worry, I won't.]
& it's getting old.
le sigh

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  1. I think you don't mind so much cuz you get to see your loved ones by doing so. Lol. My experience sucks because it involves traffic jams everywhere here in my city and I'm not really good at keeping my mouth shut when there are other jerks driving near my car :p

  2. yeaknow, I thinkg I kind of miss the commute. When I first started my job I commuted for an hour! I got a lot done in that hour. Soul-searching, drinking some good coffee and enjoying the music as the world rushed by.....

  3. thts pretty cul i cant even ride my bike with my eyes closed haha.


  4. Sometimes, I like driving. Just me alone in the car with the open road, a little speed, and my music blaring.

    But it can get old, and the distance sucks when you're away from him, I remember that.


  5. Driving to me is therapeutic. Yep! even living here in United Arab Emirates. LOL The traffic jams are very predictable and I know what times to go out. The first thing I asked, can women drive in UAE? LOL My husband laughed! and said, yes and you'll be getting your very own, car. LOL Thank God! I'm happily driving my SUV. Wouldn't have it any other way. <3


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