Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Sorry I Can't Be Perfect

I got out of the shower last night and was greeted by the mirror staring back at me.
I thought of her post
I tousled my hair.
I turned to the side.
I moved closer.
I moved farther away.
I wished I could Picnik airbrush away all of my flaws.
I know good and well that nobody out there is perfect,
but it doesn't stop a girl from wishing.I wished my hair were perfectly bouncy and pinned back pretty,
my skin were porceline and pure,
my eyelashes were thick and curled,
my body were thinner, longer, stronger
and my chipped nails were filed, buffed and perfectly pink... or purple... or blue.
I sighed, threw on pajamas and moisturized my tired skin.
I crawled in bed and flipped through the channels until I found some entertainment news show.
As I layed there watching the pretty faces and perfect bodies dance across the screen,
my boyfriend looked at me and asked,
"Why are people so obsessed with celebrities? They're just people."
I thought for a moment and then answered...
"I don't know."
& I'm not sure I do.
We're all flawed...
and I guess that's kind of beautiful.

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  1. No, THIS is beautiful! Love this post...

  2. This is a beautiful post and speaking of are gorgeous! Thank you for this post, it started my day off right :)

  3. absolutely LOVE this! it is such a good reminder that we all are just human and yes...that individuality is beautiful...thanks for this lady!

  4. Thank you for putting me on your side bar for this weeks crush :) You're so cute.

    L- you are beautiful. And I loved this post. Every single bit of it. You're such a doll.

  5. The question is: What is perfect? It might be the perfectness of imperfection...which we all have.
    Love the blog.

  6. Beautiful way to put it. We'll always see flaws, but its the moments that you can look past them and see the real you and love it for what it is that matter.

  7. I'm a firm believer that it's all the little flaws that make a person beautiful :)

  8. Love this! Kim K looks like a completely different person when she's not made up. Crazy! I like to tell myself if I had a team working on me all the time, I'd probably be pretty darn hot too! :-)

  9. Love the celebrity pics you put up there! It's nice to be reminded that even those who appear perfectly coifed in the spotlight really aren't all the time. And neither are we. It's what makes us beautiful and unique.

    Lace, you're gorgeous! Even when you post those "I'm sick" pictures of you, you're gorgeous. Inside and out.

  10. hun ur beautiful inside and out for posting this (:


  11. We are beautiful cause we are who we are.

  12. We are beautiful cause we are who we are.

  13. love this post so much...thanks lacey i needed that =)

  14. At least now I know I'm not the only one! I love seeing celebrities when they're not all made up because it brings back the reality that we're all the same under all the makeup and hair products.

    Great post :)

  15. love love love you! you are beautiful and we are all flawed and it is perfect that way. right? i am learning that it is. follow me.

  16. Love Love Love. I think I really needed to hear this today, and I'm so glad you posted on it! :)

    (and so far I'm keeping up the blogging thing pretty well..5 posts! *pats self on back* haha)

  17. In love with you...

    I wish that celebrities would go away sometimes....especially all that they represent which is all just a facade anyway.

  18. That is kind of beautiful, and SO are you!

  19. I really really liked true

  20. I've been having lots of those day lately. But I completely agree, flaws are what makes us beautiful and real. On days when I am less than thrilled about my appearance, I remind myself that no one is perfect.

    And you are gorgeous!!


  21. beautiful beautiul post. thank you so much for this and for reminding us that our beauty lies in our imperfections...they're what make us who we are.

    loved this post.

  22. Amen lady! I hope that if I have a daughter someday I can instill some of that wisdom in her and save her from torturing herself about her flaws like I did when I was younger!

  23. *sigh* I've had such a horrible day today. But, your heart felt entry has made it better. Here's to a great evening with my hair whipped back in a bun and no make-up. Thanks!!!!


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