Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's like Designing Women around this place

I think I'd be Mary Jo Shively... ya know, just incase you were wondering.

Oh My Word,
Do you love it?
I Looooovvve it.
It feels like me around here now, don't cha think?
I swear, I just want to leave my computer open and on my blog all the time.
It's like a little piece of art work!

Big huge shoutout (TRL style, WOOOOOOOO!!!)[that would be vintage TRL, clearly]
to Stephanie from Dirt and Lace Designs!
She was a complete doll to work with.
She welcomed all of my crazy input, emailed me any time she wanted me to take a look
& was SO SUPER FAST. I emailed her and basically said, "I was stupid and thought I could do this myself. I need you in my life. Hold me." And ya know? She opened her arms and made it all better. What a peach.
Stephanie, I just love ya, lady! I want to box you up and keep you for myself!
But since I fancy myself a generous woman,
I will share.

Please go visit Steph for your bloggy needs! She won't disappoint!

15 love notes:

  1. Great new layout!
    I love Dsigning Women, in my dreams, I'm Julia. I would love to give speeches like her. ha ha.

  2. FREAKING A!!!! In love, so fab....speechless.

    Stephanie is AMAZING isn't she?

    So, did you make the header?

  3. i love the new blog design!uber gorgeous...oh and i looooooved to watch designing women :)

  4. I heart your new layout! Its sooo cute!

  5. love your blog, it's absolutely adorable! and i love a girl who's not afraid to love pink :)

  6. Your new layout is fabulous!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!