Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I run my life... or is it running me?

I'm tired.
I feel like I've been tired for 6 months.
[this ironically is the same amount of time I've been seeing WG]
I look in the mirror and I see shades of purple around my eyes
(thank God for concealer... but I used to be a lady who could go without)
I never feel like I'm home.
I am a gypsy,
a wanderer,
a tired, tired girl.
When I do sleep,
it never feels fulfilling.
I can sleep for 7 hours or 12 hours and nothing.
Everything seems messy.
Beautiful, but messy... and I'm just tired.

15 love notes:

  1. Can I just say "ditto"? Is that cool?

  2. Oh god, I can totally relate to this right now... Why do we make life so complicated?

  3. oh my gosh are you not the cutest thing ever!? thanks for the tip about the tension!

  4. You and me both! I need a vacation. I need to sip on a fruity beverage while floating on a raft being fanned by a hottie. Yum.

  5. u shud try excersicing or something wake up at 3:00 a.m. take a cold shower haha no dont u'd get sick wow sounds like somethings wrong.


  6. You poor darling... :( Why do you think you've been feeling this way?

    A lot on your mind perhaps?

    Well, I hope you get that rested feeling soon....

  7. oh honey. i feel your pain and love you more.

  8. I can really relate.

    Time for some alone time in bed with your favorite movies and books?

  9. Your "about me" section cracks me up.

  10. It's all that going back and forth my dear!!! Not to mention, you have A LOT going on....

    Hang in there....and if you need a vacation, I know just the spot!

  11. same here....i dont get what has been going on lately...

  12. I'm always tired too, girl, and I work from home!

    I LOVE your new blog lay-out! It's so pretty!

  13. Aw, life goes by so fast when you're tired. Get some rest.

  14. your layouts are always the cutest!! are you in graphic design? and I love this picture of the cornfields... stealing it! <3 take care xoxo


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