Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jewelry Hoarders Anonymous President

Guess what I'm doing today?
If your guess was jewelry shopping, well...
unfortunately you're wrong.


Yep... I'm organizing my jewelry. I have what i believe to be a costume jewelry "problem".
It's just everywhere, y'all. Time for a clean up!
I'll be using some of these ideas in my own little way to get my shiz straight.
Wish me luck!

Oh & if all goes well...
ya better believe I'll buy a new piece of jewelry to reward myself.
& while I'm not sure I'll be using this idea, because I don't have many brooches... I still wanted to share it's cuteness with you!

5 love notes:

  1. oooh, I made an awesome earring holder and LOVE it....I can't wait to see what amazing craftiness you come up with! =)

  2. you have very cute stuff my dear.


  3. Crazy cuteness! I wish I had a kick ass colleciton like that. I rock the exact same earrings every day :( sad I know.

  4. Love the 1st idea with the Frame Earring Holder ... sooo cute ... good luck!

  5. I have a slight obsession with jewelry as well. Glad to know I'm not the only one! And, frankly, you deserve a new piece for all of your hard work :) Hope the organizing was a success!


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