Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My jewels are on display!

Hello Jewelry Wall! I'm your creator, Lacey.
You and me, we're going to be real good friends.

Isn't she a beaut?
(raise your hand if you clicked those pics to get a better look at my jewelry!)
((raises hand))

I went to Hobby Lobby today and scowered for just the right
materials to make holders for all of my jewelry. & then literally as I was walking
to the checkout with my arms overflowing with materials, I saw 2 single items that were already
COMPLETE(ahem, no work for me!) that would work perfectly as a ring holder & a bracelet holder. & uhm, did I mention it was CHEAPER to buy them than make my own...

The "ring holder" is actually supposed to be a message or picture board.
The "bracelet" holder is a coat/towel/key hanger.
(it was shades of brown and gold... all i had to do was paint it black!)
The miscellaneous goods (I have earring backs in there now) holder is a candle sconce.
(I already had this. Got it from Goodwill when I did this post... again,all i did was paint it black!)
The earring and necklace holder I made in just a few minutes!

It was super simple, but since I know someone will ask...
here's how I did it!

I had everything but the screw hooks. I got 10 from Hob Lob for about a dollar.
-I've seen people use lace, tulle, wire screen, etc. for this type of project as well. I just happened to have cross stitch fabric & thought it would work really well b/c it's so thick & already has the perfect little holes.
At first I decided to staple the fabric to the back of the frame, but quickly realized that the fabric would be flush with the wall if I did it that way. So I called on old faithful (that's my hot glue gun's name)! By gluing the fabric into the space where the glass would rest, it gave me enough room to easily slip my earrings in without scraping up my wall.

Ahem, let's all go over #3 one more time... this is a very important step!
Find someone, pay someone, bribe someone with your womanly ways...
whatever you have to do to get out of doing this yourself, do it!
Because holy moly, my right pointer finger and thumb are paying the price for screwing those puppies in all by my lonesome.

((Yeah, there's way more jewelry than that. I haven't weeded through all of it yet. I'll get there tomorrow. I'll get rid of a lot of it & then the stuff I don't wear often will be hanging on a cork board in my closet from now on!))

Hope I've inspired some of you to organize their pretties :)
I feel like it's going to make accessorizing SO MUCH easier for me!

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  1. I put mine in the box, that's why I have troubles finding a particular one sometimes. You're so creative..

    ...And those are cute earrings :)

  2. Oh, it looks gorgeous. I love it!! It is jewelry art. Sigh. Perfection

  3. I LOVE it! You are so crafty, don't you live in New Orleans? That's really not all that far from me...like 6 hours...don't ya want come be crafty in my girls room which they have to share that could use some organizing! ;) Seriously, I love all your crafty ideas!

  4. WOW! I'm super impressed! That looks awesome. My jewelry box is a disaster maybe I should try something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I kinda want to leave work right now and go organize. I love it.. Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. that looks SO cute! I'm a little jealous. <3 Great job!

  7. So cute!
    And I totally get you on the screwing things in by hand... when I moved last fall, I had to put all my furniture together by myself, and my palms were a mass of blisters. My solution was to ask for power tools for Christmas. =)

  8. this is AWESOME!!! i am not much of an accessory gal...other than my bracelets since i am pretty much allergic to most metals...but should my girls continue on the way they seem to i'll definitely be taking some of these tips into action for their rooms!! thanks lady!

  9. wow thats great i shud do tht mines are all tangled up in a ball in a droor haha i will def try this. (:


  10. I made one of these a while back.. I love them1!!

  11. I clicked!!! And I love that green ring!!! lol

    And I'm LOVING your genius work....GENIUS!

  12. I am totally going to do this today! Brilliant! I love Hobby Lobby, and wish I had one closer to me...

  13. Great idea. I'll do a few of these. And I did raise my hand.

  14. it looks great!! how long will you stay organized!!??

  15. What a fantastic, fantastic idea. I'm totally going to use your tutorial to make one for myself!

    Finally getting around to doing a blog button page on my blog. You're up. :)

  16. I just love your creativity Lace! Such a great idea I might have to come up something like that...jewelry drawer is getting a little crazy over here!

  17. Lacey, that looks amazing! Unfortunately, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate jewelry wall art in our bedroom... and I could never part with my adorable blue Tiffany pouches. So, jewelry box it is!

  18. Oh my GAWD I love this! I've been on the hunt for a jewelry armoire but good lord, all the ones i've seen are so mawmaw looking! This just may be the answer to all my hopes and dreams... except I'll have to find somewhere in the house my husband won't throw a hissy about. Hmmmm...

  19. Holy moly it's pretty fancy around here! Wow. I'm amazed and bewildered. Where did I find you?

  20. Wow that is a super cute idea!!! If I had the jewelry to make that project worth while I'd be all over making one for myself... perhaps I now have a reason to buy more jewelry? :)

  21. I have a jewelry wall too! I love to collect unique little hooks from flea markets or places I visit on vacation to add in... doesn't it just make you feel like the queen of the organizing world to have it all laid out like that?!? <3

  22. I think your wall turned out so amazing! I especially love the way you're organizing your rings.

  23. really cute! I wish they had hobby lobby here. *sigh* Really nice jewlery, too.


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