Monday, January 11, 2010

Lacey: ON LOVE

This last year has been another interesting one, for sure.
I've really taken love for a ride. Again.
I'll never get off of this ride, ever. I've learned that to love certainly is the meaning of life.
I know some months, weeks, days, hours, moments that this ride of mine will be bumpier...
but that's okay, because it's all worth it for the months, weeks, days, hours, moments of bliss.
This last year my heart was broken.
I learned what "I don't love you." feels like.
I cried. I lost it. I hurt.
I spoke my truths to Him & asked for guidance.
I began to pick up the pieces & started looking for my next path to stroll down.
I thought I'd give my heart a break for a while...
and a short time later, I met someone new.
Someone who reminded me to be young every once in a while.
The ride became more fun because I allowed it to.
I learned I had the power.
I continued to clean up the mess that had been made of my heart.
Some of the pieces remain scattered, some of them just don't fit right anymore,
but I'm determined to continue on this ride of mine.
Because I think maybe, just maybe, I'll find the right pieces along the way.

9 love notes:

  1. Oh, Lace, I love this post! You will find the right pieces, I promise! I also learned what 'I don't love you anymore' feels like last year. But we're stronger for it! Can't wait to read part two :) Love to you, pretty girl!

  2. to tell you the truth same happened here and well i felt guilty that i was moving on and that i had found my ex again and had fallen again for him my first love my recent ex had been umm not quite loving the last few times we spoke and so i felt that i shouldnt and could not fall again but this helped thanks hun i shall keep on my ride to (: love you


  3. i loved this post. things that are special take work. we have to learn and grow and it will all make sense one day. enjoy the ride for now. i love you.

  4. aww that was so sweet! Good for you!

  5. Interesting... cant wait for part 2.

    somedays, it will be bumpy... but its worth it :)

  6. Well said, pretty lady. Well said. Looking forward to part 2! xo

  7. Your blog reminded me of my fav song, by Amy Winehouse, Love is a Losing Game. Can't wait for part deux!

  8. God will so rework those pieces to fit better than they ever have before.


  9. It's funny how when you fall in love with a fall in love with life too. Fabulously put!


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