Monday, February 22, 2010

4:03, 2:22 & 21 days

Certain times make themselves known to me for some reason.
Plenty of people do the 11:11 thing, right? Make a wish...
But me?
It's 4:03 & 2:22.
I notice them on the clock often,
but even weirder is when they find me.
It's like they're seeking me out.
I notice them on the clocks in shows and movies.

[Gilmore Girls... my fav. show of all time :) photo via]
I hear them in songs(&songs) or see them in videos.
They just follow me... or maybe I find them.
Either way they are there.
Maybe someday I'll know why?
Or maybe they'll just follow me around the rest of my life & I'll never know.
But it makes me smile, because I feel like it's mine.
Is that weird?

Does anything follow you around?

p.s. I just realized it just so happens to be February 22nd.... 2/22 :)

I'm going to need your support for the next 21 days(and ya know, always and forever) because I've decided to join my BBB Summer in her 21 days to a better you challenge! Yesterday marked the start of the 21 days.
Day 1: Give up something for the 21 days. I decided to give up sweets!
I know, I know... I'm off my rocker. Giving up sweets for 21 days and soda for 40? I'm certifiable. So if I come to you(via email or blog comment) and tell you that I am about to inhale a plate of brownies or bag of skittles, feel free to slap my hand, shake me and make me sit in the corner. Every day I will be posting about what I've done that day to work my way towards becoming a better me! Join on in if you please!
Just be sure to link to my lady, like so , being as it was her grand idea :)

Day 2:
Let today be a day that you are focused on going out of your way to show love and kindness to the people around you.

So to start my day off... a little note for this lady

19 love notes:

  1. Wow Lace, good luck! :D I can imagine having to give up one of your main staples, I'll think twice before I have to give up coffee haha I know you can do it though, for a good cause as well!

  2. Good Luck (even though you don't need to make yourself a better you;) You've got this!!!

  3. I'll keep you accountable if you keep me accountable! I'm giving up my sugary treats for these 21 days as well...and I'm already freaking out, but so excited as well! We can do it!! :)

  4. Wow! Good luck, that takes a lot of resolve!

  5. I saw this on Summer's blog and thought I really need to join in! I am behind you 100%! And I literally went 'awwww' out loud when I saw that I was your crush this week :) Love you, lady cakes!

  6. 5:02. it is everywhere! clocks, movies, songs, tv (someone saying "oh that's five hundred and two miles from here" is probably the most random distance ive ever heard. haha i always thought i was the only one!

  7. Good luck, I love this challenge!

  8. Good luck on the give up road. I already gave up sweets and I feel better for it. Sweets are the evil empire!

  9. lucky (:
    well idk nothing really follows e or i follow... hard to know what does.


  10. that is cool you notice these things! I like looking for 2:46 because it's even numbers and the time i was born...and thise 21 days things seems cool I'm maybe gonna do it too!!

    SWEETS AND SODA!!! are you crazy girly!??!?! much strength to you and I'll think of you when I try to avoid that big tub of ice cream in my freezer!

  11. Sweetest Lacey.
    My ♥ just swelled up when I saw your post. THank you for being so kind and thoughtful.

    YOU are a day brightener for me, and you shine

    I am thankful for your blogfriendship and know that we're kindred spirits :)

    Sending you a big {HUG} today!
    (and everyday)


    P.s. I'm SO proud of you.

  12. I have been following your blog for awhile, you make me laugh, cry and smile all the time!! But I just know realized why I love you so much, you love Gilmore Girls!! It is one of my Fav shows of all times!! WOO HOO

  13. My number has been 111. Whether it's 1:11 on the clock or just yesterday at Target, my total was 111 and change...I'll be on a road trip and highway 111 will pass by just as I'm thinking about something....It follows me everywhere!!! LOVE IT! :)

  14. a) GG is my favorite show too!
    b) Love that time follows the heck out of you.
    c) You have my UTMOST respect for giving up sweets. I could never, without being a total biatch the entire time!


  15. Can I just tell you that today is sucky without sugar? I so want to cave and eat licorice. Like, so so so bad.

    Talk me off the ledge.

  16. Oh, best of luck girl! I'm slowly making my way there to the no soda, no sweets! But if I vow to give it up for 21 days, I will immediately go out and binge. So kudos to you for your resolve

  17. So weird...I just gave up sweets for 21 days in January. First off, I didn't know I was addicted to sugar!!! Man it was Hard! But I made it! Granola saved me. I don't know if you like it, but I made about 4 batches of homemade granola and everytime, I craved sweet I ate that. It really gave me that satisfied feeling. Hope that helps you & Good Luck!!

  18. good luck, lace!! i'm such a sugary sweet freak!

    random sidenote, alexis bleidel (gilmore girls) went to my high school.

  19. totally! We got married on 2/3 and we always seem to get rooms that are 23__ or __23 and we totally love it!


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