Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Love I Give

Yesterday, I felt like I hadn't showed enough love.
I felt like day 2 of my 21 days was going to be a big fat failure.
I was feeling less than enthused due to my lack of sweets & soda & lovin'...
and then I heard a tiny knock on my door.
& Standing there with the biggest smile ever was my 18 month old niece.
"Hey Yay Yay!" she squealed.
(Yay Yay = Lay Lay)

& then I filled up the evening with all the love i had to give :)

This little girl has my heart. She totally knows it too.
I love the way she says my name & the way she holds my hand.
I love her heart & her sweet soul.
I even love her when she's wearing her Sassy pants.
And have i mentioned that I love her face?
I even think she's gorgeous when she's covered in pudding with crazy girl hair.
& I looove that people say she looks like her "Lay Lay" :)
I'm pretty sure my Sister made her just to make my life a little sweeter.
Today, I also started working on some pillows that will be hitting my shop soon!
& I showed those lots of love, of course!
I've been wanting to add some home stuff for a while & now I finally have the time to do it!
I hope you'll love them as much as I do! :)

& this is just for Rasha...I found that rainbow you were looking for :)
[the view from my back balcony this afternoon]
Day 3: Today's focus is on the blessings in your life.
So grab a notebook and keep track of each and every blessing that comes your way.
When you're looking for them, you'll be sure to find them.

If you're in on the 21 days, you can find the day's focus each night over at Summer's!
I believe she even put a link up at the top of her page! She's a handy one, I tell ya! I think I just might keep her around ;) Love ya, Sum!

11 love notes:

  1. Awww, how inspirational! She's adorable, and she does look like you!

  2. I think it is the SWEETEST thing that you love your nieces like you do.

    We don't quite have the family around that cares like that, and let me tell you, it's rare.

    You are amazing girl. Simply amazing.

  3. wow greart things to be happy about and tht 21 days thing is great i might just do it to...


  4. No doubt she filled your ♥ right up. That pudding smeared smile would melt anyone.

    She's lovely :) glad she was your day brightener! :)

  5. Such a pretty rainbow picture! It's so hard to capture rainbows in a photo, so thanks for sharing.

  6. she is PRECIOUS!
    I love how little kids can make you SO happy :)

  7. Awwww - she is so cute and your blog put a huge smile on my face! :)

  8. ahhh, she's adorable!!!

    and i KNOW that yesterday was a big fat failure for you! you are one of the kindest bloggers i've seen! your emails to me were so SWEET and incredibly kind!

  9. she is adorable! i love nieces/nephews.

  10. 1. this post is amazing, and

    2. she is ADORABLE and so are you.

    3. I absolutely LOVE your rainbow. I smiled SO big when reading that.

    4. I just love you and everything about you.

  11. Nieces are seriously the best medication for a rough day.. and yours is so cute!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!