Thursday, February 18, 2010

Curtain Call

Every time a relationship in my life fails,
I change something in my bedroom.
[What is that saying about me?]
This time, it's the curtains.

Forgive me, I forgot to take a before picture!
They were completely flat black panels with white at the bottom...
not so special.
I will photoshop fake it for you!

[seriously, they looked JUST like that]
I couldn't really get any worse than they were, but woah woah I think I did a pretty stinkin' great job with the upgrade.
I wanted something light and airy, so
I bought yards and yards of thin white fabric.
It has pleats & ruffles & is a little wrinkled.
Just like me :)

So here is my little upgrade. I love them!

My flash makes my walls look light, but they are actually a lovely shade of medium grey.
When the sun comes up in the morning, my room is so beautiful!
It makes it look all glowey... like I've used the ortonish effect on it :)

Hey! While I have your attention, do you think I need to move my frame & iron work down further or am I good?

19 love notes:

  1. Oh, Lace, I love them!! They look amazing! And your suggestion about making my own bows for my dresses?? Brilliant! Thanks, lady love!

  2. Beautiful curtains. Personally, I would move everything down just a few inches, so it's not so perfectly centered. But that's just me!

  3. I love white curtains...but alas, mine would not stay white due to my sticky fingered children and my nasty shedding dogs...oh, and yes, I think you should move the frame and iron work down a little farther. Mostly because I'm difficult like that, but partly cuz I really think you should.

  4. I am on the new curtain hunt too. Yours are gorgeous! I would leave the frame where it is. It draws the eye up!Just my opinion!!

  5. LOVE the curtains, seriously teach me to be as creative and crafty as you.
    I think you're good on the frame and iron work, but I probably shouldnt give my opinion on hanging anything as I usually hang them strangely and then just move whatever is under it haha.

  6. Soooo pretty! I do think I'd like the frame down a bit more, maybe a little to the left? But it may just be the photo angle...

    Love the red and pink, very very pretty.

  7. Also, you have an award for you over at my blog right now! :)

  8. Ohhh Im so in love with your new curtians! Perfect for spring coming up.

    The grey color on your walls sounds so dreamy and fantastic. Do you know the exact shade you used?

    & the iron work looks great as is!

  9. I like the new curtains. Your room is cuteeeee.

    I think the frame and iron work is perfectly balanced and so adorable.

    Love you.

  10. theyre reall nice hun love what u dd


  11. girl i swear i was a follower.. google must have something going on with its badself.

    anyway - love the room. the new curtians look fab!

    oh and you won my giveaway!

    much love!

  12. that's so interesting, i do the exact same thing, why is that? maybe because of the memories??

  13. It is darling. Love the red with the white.

  14. i LOVE the new look.
    It's light and airy!

    and i think your framework is perfect.
    just perfect.

    i'm so darn proud of you.

  15. I love it! Looks so good Lacey! And, I think your frame/iron work is perfect right where it is. Don't change a thing!

  16. This looks beautiful! And no, I think the picture frame is perfect just where it is! I ran across your blog through a friend and really love it! Great job! Hope to get mine looking like yours someday!


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