Friday, February 19, 2010

Random is my middle name

Holy Random Post

I just saw a preview for Toddlers & Tiaras that made me laugh my booty off. The little girl(who looks like a creepy doll)is standing there with her trophy & a huge bunch of balloons. She has a huge smile on her face, showing off her fake teeth & says in the thickest country accent,
"Yeah, I'm excited about the money... but the balloons?
I am REALLY excited about the balloons!"

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I have this thing for Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I find them torturous... and addicting. I'll buy the Hot Munchies & dig around until I find a hot cheeto, then regret it and dig until I find a pretzel to calm my mouth down... then I dig for another cheeto. I can't get enough, it's stupid!
I gave up soda for Lent. Do you know how badly I've been wanting a Coke today?
[I know what you're thinking. "Put the cheetos down & maybe you wouldn't want Coke so bad." Easier said than done.... don't you judge me! haha]

Mardi Gras night, I decided to go get a huge Coke(my last one for 40 days, so I was going to savor every sip)! I got to the speaker box and was seriously giddy about the amount of Coke I was about to consume, when the girls voice came on and said something that turned my special trip into an epic fail...
"Welcome to McDonalds, sorry but we don't have any carbonated beverages at the moment. Go ahead with your order."
Me: Wha? Ugh. But. [Sighs...] I'll just have a medium sweet tea, thanks.
I need a good virus protection/pop up blocker. I paid $50 for one that doesn't do it's job, so ya know... free would be good. I get these talking pop ups that say "Congratulations!" every 5 minutes. Ick, annoying & I'm pretty sure they're going to give my computer a boo boo. Can anyone help?

Please say yes, because I love my computer... and all of you live inside of it!
and I love you, duh :)
& Oh Me, Oh My, I won Oh Missy Me's giveaway!

This little win couldn't have come at a better time! I could use a little pampering right now!
& She's going to do a doodle for me! Love that :)

Happy Friday!
What are your plans for the weekend?
Mine? Nada. Oh the single life... it's awesome already.

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  1. One of many reasons that I love your blog: I can practically hear your adorable little voice when I read your posts!

  2. Giving up soda was hard for me too....I still miss it oh so bad.

    As for spam blocker, get a mac and that solves everything. =)

  3. What a face!!! That little girl could cut glass with that stare :)-

  4. your random post are some of my faves!
    Good luck with the coke thing and congrats on the win, you deserve it!

  5. Random posts are nice every once in a while! It's nothing but what's exactly on your mind. lol

    That little girl... oh that face. lol How cute. And it's just about right that when you go to order your last soda for the next 40 days, they are out! That's my luck right there... lol

    Enjoy doing nothing this weekend! It's nicer than you think :)

  6. toddler and tiaras FREAKS me out!!!!

    single life=amazing

    i'm no computer pro, sorry I can't help!!!

    I'm more of a cheetoh puffs kinda girl !


  7. Yummmy. Flamin hot cheetos :) my goodness!

  8. We use Avira Antivirus and its free! We were using one we paid for, but still were getting viruses and switched to this one and it found seven viruses right away that the other hadnt picked up! I think it works, but I'm no expert :)

  9. I torture myself with those cheeto's too! Love them but hate them!

    I use AVG for virus protection, which I'm told by some is not the best and told by others it works great. It's free and it's worked for me so far...let's just knock on some wood and hope it stays that way!

  10. Congrats on the win, and I'm so glad the single life is going awesome so far!

  11. Toddlers and Tiaras freaks me out a little, not gonna lie! And the single life is a good place to be! Have a wonderful day, love!

  12. When we switched to Firefox, our pop-ups all but went away.
    I actually had someone come up to me in a fabric store and hand me a card for baby pageants. Ok, so we ALL know my baby is GORGEOUS! but, seriously, who actually does that to their kid?
    You could come truck shopping with us this weekend...that should make your no plans seem glorious!

  13. I had a post called "Random is My Middle Name" once. Great minds think alike! :)

    I also gave up soad for Lent. I am regretting that decision right about now. :)

  14. hey your randomness...but to clean up your computer i suggest a system restore...thinking you are probably working with windows xp...go to your start menu: on the right side click on 'Help & Support': then under the 'See Also' menu there are blue arrow bullets, click the one that says 'System Restore': from the menu it brings up click on a date to restore from before you started having the spyware/spam etc...and then your system should start restoring itself to that won't lose any documents or photos you've saved since that date you've chosen, but if you downloaded something (i.e. new itunes/adobe reader/etc) that will need to be redownloaded.

    hope this helps lady! it always does for me!!

  15. Those little girls are too much...then they have those mothers swinging around, too. I turn it to Millionaire Matchmaker about the time the moms are fanning around.

  16. Wow, if McDonald's had said that to me the night before I was about to give up soda for 40 days, um, I would say, "Forget it then, I'm going to 7-Eleven." Seriously, I would drive around until I found the biggest soda ever!

    I don't have any plans for the weekend either. Making a meatless Lenten Friday dinner for the boyfriend tonight, then heading over to my parents' tomorrow evening to celebrate my dad's birthday. That's it! Kinda sounds nice, doesn't it?

  17. Such a funny picture.

    Im that way with cheetos, I know I hate them but i get them anyways, and then die.

    I gave up soda too, well a while ago, but its super hard.

    love you.

  18. i gave up soda last year and now i never drink it.

    i don't know what to give up! tv? candy? swearing? help me, my louisiana red hot mama.

    also, um - who doesn't love balloons!?

  19. i heart your blog. random or not. i think you're a delight :)

    sorry about the coke debaucle!

    divine intervention?


    xo happy weekend!

  20. i just recently switched to Google Chrome and have had much better luck with it than i ever did with Firefox or IE. as for virus protection, my uncle works with computers and told me to try this and so far it has worked better than spyware doctor, avg, and norton..

    good luck!

  21. that picture of coke looks delicious. seriously i'm about to go out and get one just because of it.

  22. I quite enjoy the random post. What is up with those little Toddlers & Tiaras girls and their fake teeth? They really creep me out big time!
    Have you ever tried spicy peanut butter? Give it a go if you like the Flamin' Hot Cheetos! ;)

  23. I use AVG Free edition for virus protection and Ad-Aware for spyware and such ... very good stuff

  24. I have some free anti-virus. I'll email them to you if you still need them


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