Friday, February 26, 2010

I keep floss in my purse, true story.

I feel so uncomfortable telling people when they have something in their teeth.
I'd rather just avoid eye to mouth visual contact altogether & pretend I don't see it.
What's that about?
For this reason though, I'm a freak about checking my teeth or straight up saying,
"Do I have anything in my teeth?" to whoever happens to have the pleasure of hanging out with my completely uncouth self. In fact, my sister knows to just answer yes or no when I bust out my smile a la Miley(ahem, Destiny)Cyrus at dinner.

That's what Sister's are for, no?

Do you have a hard time telling people when they have something in their teeth, on their face, hanging out of their nose... uhm, etc...? Any good stories to go along with this topic? If someone has a really funny one, I'm totally reposting that bad boy.

I did OKAY with day 5 of the challenge. I admit that I did uhm, kinda sorta totally forget my focus for the day and went to facebook and got a little facebooky before remembering & then I was all, "Woah, facebook! How'd you get on my screen?". I cover for myself just in case the universe really is paying attention to me, you know?

Today's focus:
Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and rest in God's presence.
And instead at the end of the day, as we're drifting off to sleep, we give him what's left.
If even that.
But how much better would things be, if we began AND ended our day with intentional time with Him?

So today I will begin and end my day with a little chit chat with my maker.
I tend to talk to him throughout the day, but usually a few hours after waking up. I'm no wind up toy... I take time to warm up to the world. I think He'll be pleasantly surprised to hear my mornin' voice ;)

17 love notes:

  1. It depends on who it is. If it's a good friend or my husband then, I'm straight up, "Hey you got something right here" but total stranger or my mother in law, I wait until someone else says it.

  2. Well, you and I could hang out and eat all day long and check each other's teeth because I am the same way!! Anyone who is nearby gets the pleasure of checking my grin :) Love ya, Lace!

  3. I can tell people if they have something ON their teeth (like lipstick) but if it's IN their teeth, only if it's a really, really close friend. That's not nearly as bad as something hanging from their nose. It makes me grossed out to look at them, but you can't really say anything about it. Or at least, I can't!

  4. One time my friend Isabella and I were in a bar/ restaurant and we witnessed this poor guy talking and laughing with his date with a HUGE chunk of spinach in his front teeth. WHen she got up to go to the bathroom , we FLEW over to the table and said "Dude! You got spinach in your teeth!: The poor guy was on a first date!

  5. I just stumbled here and fell in love with your blog. That doesn't happen enough :)

  6. I have no problem telling close friends and family members they have something in their teeth and often times I will tell strangers/people I'm conversating with. I do this because I would want someone to tell me - in a heartbeat!

    My boyfriend and I always do the teeth check to each other - my bestie and I do this as well. You know the check... "Is there anything in my teeth?" (Make Miley face in your post)... they check, say no and then I return the favor to them.

    I need to start keeping floss in my purse thank you for that idea!!! I floss every night and often every morning as well. But you know what that leads too - more room for random stuff in your teeth!

  7. hahah a la miley she does have a big smile and i hate when no one tells me tht i have something in my teeth.


  8. I hate that too girlfriend

    and i love todays focus!

  9. I liked this post. That pic of Miley was frightening though. Today's focus is a good one. I shall try it.

  10. I like this challenge. Last night, I prayed right before I went to bed, and while it helped me to drift off to sleep peacefully, God was getting my "left-overs." Good resolution to start your day with God first!

  11. Oh my gosh, you are too stinkin cute Laceyloowhoo. =)

  12. I will only tell someone they have something in their teeth depending on how well I know them, or how comfortable I am with that person. I would want to be told!!

  13. Not sure why but I am paranoid about this too!!!

  14. OMG...I. Am. The. SAME WAY!!! With the teeth. I'll get all up in my husband's face with the cheesy grin "Do I have anything in my teeth??". He would totally make fun of me when I'll swoosh soda to get whatever it is in my teeth out cause, soda? Come on about swooshing sugar all over my teeth.

    I have a hard time telling people though, when they've got something in their teeth also. I'm bad that way.

    I love the challenge you've got going. I too chitty chat with God through out the day. I need to make a point to be more focused though. My mind wanders when I pray sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  15. Totally depends on who it is. Someone close to me - I'll totally call them out. Someone I work with or don't know that well... I may let it go. :)

  16. eeee yay LACY meets LACEY and it's nothing but love! La la loving your blog and sense of humor! Thanks for finding me!


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