Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm still awake, therefore I write.

Proof that it must be true:
[Negative, negative, positive! See the 21 day challenge is doing me a little good already!]
Honestly, the more I look at this picture(in all it's loveliness), the more I realize it really doesn't even do the situation justice. I look way worse than this picture depicts, for real. The shade of purple under my eyes, would look way more appropriate on top of my eyes.
Seriously though... I couldn't care less about the new shade of purple that's claimed it's spot under my peepers, I just want some decent sleep. It's been over 2 weeks since I fell asleep at a decent hour and stayed asleep all night.
It's getting old.

An open letter to sleep:
Dearest, Sweetest, Gorgeous Sleep,
I miss you. Don't you miss me?
Please come back soon. My life is just not the same without you.
I realize there was a time in my life when I neglected you and got along just fine...
but you see, I'm older and wiser and needier now and
I. Just. Miss. You.

Come back to me,

18 love notes:

  1. Oh, that is the worst when you can't sleep. Will you consider taking something...have you heard of Melatonin, all natural!!

    I will pray you rest today, naps are the best!


  2. wishing you 8 hours of lovely, peaceful sleep tonight!

  3. aww sorry you didnt get any sleep. try taking naps if you can :D


  4. exercise, exercise, exercise....eventually you wear your body out so much, it has no choice but to sleep!

  5. Must be in the air....

    I have been staying up LATE lately, not so good when the kids wake up at the butt crack of dawn. lol

    Try the melatonin like Suzanne said. I love that stuff.

  6. Wow, we look a lot alike when we can't sleep. Same hair-do and all. Lol.

    2 Benadryl before bed work wonders. Look forward to crazy dreams.

  7. Aw, sweet girl I'm sorry you're not getting any sleep :( I know that's the worst feeling! I'm loving those little freckles though!

  8. Adorable blog- Love it!
    Hope you get sleep soon!
    I'm your new follower!

    Come stop by my blog!!

    Sarah Ann (

  9. I have taken Melatonin in the past as well-I hope that you get some sleep soon.

    P.S. You may feel like a tired hot mess---but Lace you look simply beautiful. I wish I looked like that in the morning without makeup!

  10. Really, what kind of word is wonky? Sounds like something my 3 year old would make up!!!

  11. i always stay awake for so long... and then regret it in the morning. i'm such a bad child.

    i noticed you're a follower of my blog.
    the new one is at
    i'll be emptying my thoughts a little more into it. i hope you don't mind.
    have a wonderful day xx

  12. I could have written this post too! You look beautiful with no sleep! I sure wish I looked that good! (Wait...positive thoughts...the color of my eyes looks good without any sleep...see that's better!).

    Hope you get some sleep! By the way...a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine helps! Or...sleeping pills too!

  13. ughh...I feel for you, not being able to sleep is SO frustrating.

    Try a cup of wine before bed :-)

  14. Oh, girl. I am so sorry to hear about you and WG. :( There is someone amazing for you coming when you least expect it!

    Now count some sheep, and dream about a new prince charming. Muah!!

  15. Actually you still look pretty to me :D hahah, hope you get some sleep soon!

  16. okay, so my computer keeps messing up and i tried commenting on this post when you posted it and couldn't! blah! well, now i can and what i was trrrrrying to say is: you are gorgeous even when you're sleeeeeepy!!!

    i hope you've been getting more rest, though pretty girl!!



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