Sunday, March 14, 2010

21 days: Dunzo

Day 11:
No Computer in the morning.
NO PROBLEMO. I guess I technically cheated or got out of this one because i worked really late into the night & slept until noon.

Day 12:
It's do over day! Pick a challenge that you didn't feel so great about and give it another go.
Felt "cheap" that I didn't really have a challenge to do yesterday since i slept through it, so that was my do-over. I actually didn't even touch the computer until after 6pm. Got a ton done too!

Day 13:
Do something to relax.
Check and check. I found relaxation in the loving arms of a bubble bath.
& I sipped coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon.
& I listened to my Gavin Degraw Pandora station.

Day 14:
Do something that you wouldn't normally do alone ... all by your lonesome.
I went to the movies! I also totally caved on the no sweets thing today & had an ice cream cone.
WEAK! I. just. needed it. I'm human, whatchagonnado?

Day 15:
Summer decided to quit the internet for a day, but considering I get emails for work and such, I couldn't do that one. So I picked my own...
Forgive someone, something, a situation... whatever. You don't necessarily have to speak it aloud, but forgive it in your heart.
I DID just that. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote... then I printed it out
and sent it up in flames.

Day 16:
Memorize a quote or scripture that brings you peace.
Find one you love, write it on an index card & carry it with you until it's in your brain and heart forever.
I already have one & I even carry it with me!
I'd hate to turn my back on old faithful :)

Day 17:
Write a letter saying goodbye to someone or something in your life that you need to let go of.
I had tears rolling down my face the entire time.
I was angry & sad & confused all at the same time.
Once I was finished, I closed my computer and shut my eyes...
& I slept better than i have in months.

Day 18:
Try something new.
2 words: Oysters Remoulade
Oh my dear sweet goodness. It was SO. GOOD. If you're a local bloggy friend, seriously, stop what you're doing and go to Liuzza's in New Orleans and order it. Then you can come back here and thank me... because I know you will :)

Day 19:
Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is. Pray over it & work on it.
I was told that I back down too easily.
I've always seen this as being mature, but I guess I need to put my foot down sometimes and let my word stand...

Day 20:
Make a list of what you loved & what you hated about this challenge & ponder it... you'll see why tomorrow.

Day 21:
Write out what you learned,
good and bad.
Oy... I have to say I'm pretty happy this challenge is over.
I feel like I have enough challenges in my life right now, you know?
When I took this on, I didn't see my life having any challenges in the near future,
but hi, I'm no psychic, clearly.
Somedays I loved the challenge and others it just seemed like a pain in the butt.
I do feel like I've come out on top of it a tini tiny bit of better person though.
I've been making an effort to work on the challenges I went through the last 21 days each day every day. I think that's why it seemed so exhausting... I didn't want to just drop what I had worked on that day simply because I was on a different day on the calandar. Seemed like a waste to do that. Overall I'd give myself a C+... I started off strong, but the last week i really trailed off because i had other stuff going on.
& Do you know what will help me through that other stuff?
That's right... SWEETS!
Oh thank goodness! It really killed me when the snowball stand opened up and I couldn't have one!

5 love notes:

  1. Awwww, I'm sorry it ended up adding more stress....

    But, I love ya and appreciate you hanging in there with me.

    BBB's forever! =)

  2. I think this challenge could help anyone out, I think I will even do it!
    Thank you for sharing. [:


  3. This challenge sounds really cool and very insightful. I can definitely see how it could be stressful though!

  4. i love that you share these with us.

    your challenges/journey/breakthroughs bring me strength.

    thank you.

  5. Thanks for filling us in on the last week of your challenge. You and Summer have sold me on this idea; I just need to motivate myself to start and stick to it! Scary sometimes, isn't it?


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