Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Love

Since I now sleep in the same bed every night(just made myself seem like a hoochie, huh?- you know what I mean!), I've also started reading again every night.
I've fallen in love with it again.
I love to get lost in the pages and in someone else's story...
it's nice to get away from my own(story) for a while.
[especially right before I'm about to attempt to sleep!]
The problem with this new routine of mine is that I'm going through books almost too quickly!
You're thinking, "Why is that a problem?", right?
Well, if you've gone to the book store recently and looked at the prices than you get me.
And that's when I came up with this grand idea...

That's right! What if we SHARED books?
[I mean, surely someone else has thought of this... I just have yet to find that person. Because I would have joined my happy little booty right on in!]
I'm going to throw the idea out there and if you're interested,
leave a comment with your email address!

There will be 4 people in each Book Love group! We will be passing our books down the line, so you will always mail the book you have to the same person :) We will have about a month to read each book.

1) Choose your book. It can be one you own, one you've been wanting to read, or one you've already read a million times... whatever! If you haven't read it, don't! It's not your turn yet!
2) Mail your book off to your designated book buddy & keep an eye out for your first book to pop up in your mailbox or door step!
3) Read the book! Leave markings throughout if you feel the urge! This is what I call "Showing a book some love... hence, The Book Love Club! So I encourage markings, of course :) You know, highlighting something really beautiful or poignant in the story, or a personal story on a little post it hidden somewhere in the pages. Fun stuff.
4) At the end of the month, mail that book to your book buddy & wait for your next book to come rolling in!
5) Repeat, repeat, repeat!
6) Your book will find it's way back to you at the start of the 4th month & inside you will have 3 other peoples lovely thoughts and feelings tucked away in the pages.

Fun, right? It could be interesting! & It will open us all up to books we may not normally choose!

So how about it? Who's with me?

Lacey in Love
Think "your people" would want to join in?
Do what you will with this button... if nothing else it makes it easier for you to post
it in a post instead of having to upload it :)

30 love notes:

  1. This sounds like so much fun!! I wanna sign up!

  2. i love this idea!

  3. Yea! I am in!!

  4. Oh, that is such a cool idea! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to join because the cost for me to ship books every month to the US (I assume that's where most of you girls are) would be too much. :(

    I'd love to read your reviews and recommendations though, I am an avid bookworm. I'm also having a giveaway on my blog until this Saturday for bookworms... maybe you would like to join?

  5. What a fabulous idea! Count me in!

  6. Love this idea! Count me in!

  7. Oh, I love love love! this idea! I'm on a mission to read 50 books before I turn 30 and I've barely made a dent! Sign me up! (

  8. I love this idea!! and it doesn't make you a hoochie lol!

  9. I'm definitely interested in this! I love reading a good book. :)

    here's my e-mail


  10. yes im in

  11. I'd totally be down for this!! I love the idea.

  12. I'm in. Will have stop leaving them on the swing getting soaking wet though!

  13. Wait, I thought more about this, and this won't work for me, I am never home when the post office is open, so would become a pain, I work Post office hours, please don't sign me up. Sorry!

  14. Have you heard of Similar idea, check it out! :)

  15. I am in love with this idea! You are a genius!!!!

  16. I like the idea in theory, until I realize I won't get to keep my own books. I just like keeping them just in case I ever want to reread them. And if you're looking to see this done on the large scale, be sure to check out

  17. Great Idea!! I would like to do this!!

  18. Yup me too!!! What a great idea:-) My friends and I share books between us all the time but I'd love to get more variety in our books!

    So my email is

    Sooo excited I love to read:-)

    ALSO chk out my last blog post, got a lil sumthin sumthin for ya!

  19. excellent idea! (I always want to join a book club, but I work until 7 pm and by that time, everyone is completely sauced and finished talking about books)

  20. sounds like a fab idea but i don't do book clubs. i know...lame. but have fun!

  21. But I don't like to read! (smack my hand now) I'm the worst student ever.

    It does sound like a perfect idea!

  22. I totally want to do this!!! You are genius my love.

    Give me a couple weeks to get adjusted to my new life, and then hopefully I will be able to read blogs & books again!


  23. I love reading and I've been quite a slacker in my reading. I would love this!

    Count me in :)

  24. Ok, it took some convincing (because it's hard to find time to read it and send it away, but I'm going to play along! This is awesome!

  25. I blogged about it too :)

  26. This Summer wants to do it as well! BRING IT ON!


  27. YES! :)

    sarahannrogers09 [at] gmail [dot] com


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