Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion Face Off: Spring Fever

Outfit 1

Outfit 2
Know what the difference is between these 2 lovely spring outfits?
About $645.00.

Outfit 1: Anthropologie
$88 top
$88 skirt
$380 shoes
$168 bracelet

Outfit 2: Charlotte Russe
$14 top
$24 skirt
$36.50 shoes
$4 bracelet

To be honest, I actually prefer the look of the cheaper Charlotte Russe version!

I'll be posting these little fashion face offs from time to time! It always baffles me when I see people spending such outrageous amounts of money on clothing when they could be spending significantly less on something very similar. If you just look around a little, it's out there! So, hopefully I can convince some of you to be better bargain shoppers! It's worth it! Think of what you could do with $645.(If nothing else, you could buy 8 other full outfits!)
I know some of you are thinking, "I would never spend $725 on one outfit", & that's true of most people, I hope. However, I'm sure there are many of us who will splurge on one piece, right? Well a big splurge an outfit adds up! Save your money, lady cakes... there are better things you could be doing with it :)

[all photos via Anthro & CR]

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  1. So true, my love! Every now and then I will splurge on one item, but not very often. And Anthro is soooo expensive, but their sale rack is awesome! You can find good brands at discounted prices if you just dig around a little. Love you, pretty face!

  2. How fun, and that's a HUGE difference!

  3. I like the Charlotte Russe one better too! But I do love the Anthro bracelet and shoes...

  4. Oow, wish Spring was already here! Love those sweet soft colors!
    Have a happy weekend

  5. Adorable! I love the bracelet. :) So cute.
    Your blog is darling.

  6. very interesting. I also liked the second outfit better!

  7. I think I prefer the less expensive outfit too! Very cute!

  8. I LOVE this post woman! =)

    We are the EXACT same shopper my love! Can't wait till we have our shopping time in person one day!

  9. I totally like the second one better and the price is perfect!

  10. Ill take everything. Thanks!

  11. Super cute outfits!! Love both of the shoes but I think the 1st pair would be easier for me to walk in, taken the heel into consideration. I don't do skinny heels. I prefer the fat heel. That's if I want to be able to walk :O)

    Great choices!!!

  12. that first skirt looks super comfy!! LOVE IT

  13. agreed, some things are definitely worth the splurge (like those shoes) hah, great blog!


  14. I like outfit #2 better too! LOL... I thought you were asking advice on which one to wear for something, and I was so going to vote for #2! Great post, Lace.

  15. i agree with you! what'd crazy is i like outfit two better! especially the shoes. i like both the bracelets, though lots! i wonder if that means i have cheap taste?? hmmm...

  16. thanks, girl! absolutely LOVING the Charlotte Russe skirt! my bank account is not going to be happy when I am done with that store ;)

  17. the anthropologie top is so gorgeous! :)

  18. That's a whole lotta cheddar...but I gotta say, I big puffy heart that Anthro skirt. The nude hue is gorgeous!

  19. Just came across your blog - too cute! I love both of these outfits!I especially like both skirts. Very elegant, yet sassy! Great finds ;)


  20. Love this post! The CR shoes are so dang cute! I love the Anthro skirt but you're right - not worth the cost difference!

  21. Oh I love this idea! The CR outfit is by far my fave of the two. I might have to get that bracelet! Love it.


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