Thursday, March 4, 2010

Future Home

I buy things... HOUSE things.
You may or may not know that I do not own my own home just yet.
A few months ago I saw some lovely knitted Christmas stockings that just screamed
"Lacey, buy me! Your life won't be complete without me!"
I just couldn't imagine NOT having those stockings hanging on my mantel in my future home. I bought 4 of them. Yep, for my future family members who don't exist yet.
I am freaking Looney Tunes, y'all & I know it.
To make myself look a little less Coo Coo, Coo Coo, I only buy stuff when it's on super clearance.
& It seems that I only buy holiday stuff. Not REAL home goods.
A pillow here, a wall decal there.
That's my crazy.

Don't worry, I'm not buying paint (for the walls of my house that doesn't exist) or anything...
not yet anyway. ha.
To keep myself from becoming certified(I'm talking crazy papers, y'all),
I keep a folder on my computer that I fill with pictures of things I like.
Here are some Future Home Folder photos that are jumping out at me right now:
♥ The corner hutch, the painted brass chandelier, the huge painting and pops of turquoise... yummy goodness, I tell you.
♥ Slate grey walls, embroidery hoop art, cutie chair & wainscotting...
yes, yes, yes & yes.
Cheery little painted chairs. I will scatter them in different rooms & when I have extra company, voila! Gorgeous non-coordinated coordination!
♥ Oy, painted cribs are my new love. Future baby will look great in it, right?

Crazy bones. That's what I have.

Have a happy Thursday, loveeeers!
LaceyLouWho, Out.
{that was for you Sum}

[all photos via d*s]

20 love notes:

  1. thats not crazy... thats normal.

    You are ready to go forward.

    Also I love that teal chandelier.

  2. I will move into this house with you!! Gorgeous!

  3. You are not crazy. I think its fabulous that you're so inspired! And just because you're not yet a homeowner, doesn't mean you cant have these now :)

  4. You and I are on the same page, sister....Same. Scary. Page.

    We can share a padded cell... ;)

  5. I did this too, on a very small scale (think votive holders). However, I quickly learned after getting a house with boyfriend that it was good I didn't go overboard because, um, turquoise chandelier? Big veto from him. *sad face* A lot of my design creativity is stunted because he'll have none of it. Doesn't help that we're polar opposites on the design personality wheel.

  6. That yellow and white chair makes me crazy. I want it!

  7. LOVIN it all, girl.

    I have a folder too, and in fact....when we move, I want to sell everything we have and start over. Over browns, bring in the grays, pinks, and white.

    Mmmm mmmmm.

  8. I painted my daughter's crib a lovely pink then proceeded to drop the entire can of pink paint on the brown carpet...oy! But I loved that crib.

  9. i'm the same exact way!!! i am constantly finding "stuff" for my wittle 800 sq. ft. apartment! i can't wait to have my own home with lots of rooms to make pretty!

  10. lol we are like twins. i want it all...

  11. oh lady, that's not crazy!! its a girl thing :) but i'm loving the pops of color! and the baby crib is ADORABLE!! so many fun things!!

  12. I do the same thing - a little folder of things that I love.

    Oh and the corner hutch? Gorgeous!

  13. haha things talk to me too...
    i actually don't allow myself into most stores because of this fact

  14. Awww, I do the same thing... Soooo cute!

  15. LOVE that painted crib. And those chairs. Such great inspirations :) and thanks for sharing where you found all of those, we're moving soon and I definitely need some decorating ideas!

  16. I got it old school style...3 subject notebook with cut out pictures from magazines. a hope chest, I have a whole set of mis-matched dishes from all over because I never want to have a set of matching dishes. I think life is more interesting when nothing matches.

  17. You def aren't crazy!!! I love doing this! So inspiring.

    Is your profile picture new?! SO PRETTY!

  18. HAHAH Great post-- this is hilarious. Unknown to the boyfriend (shh!) I do the same thing ;)

  19. First of all, where do you put all of these things that you collect? Secondly, you can put them at my house. ;)

  20. I can't even tell you how many pictures I have saved in my computer for my future home. Even my future wedding...eeks. So if you're crazy bones, then I am right there with you sister ;)


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