Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mista Mista


likes to take pictures.

texts me "Good morning, pretty lady"(Or "Good morning Tiny Dancer" inside joke :)) every day.

plays soccer (goalie).

makes me throw my head back in laughter every single day.

plays guitar.

loves to cook.

treats me the same in public and with his friends as when we're alone.

There's much more to The Mr. than that, but baby steps, ya know?
& Yes, Amber darling... we are in fact all official and such now.

[Did I mention his initials are MR? It kind of just worked out that way :)]

Alright, y'all! You're all caught up! Sorry I let you get so behind to start with!
Let's all carry on as we were, shall we?
I like living in a world where my posts aren't quite as thought out every day!
I KNOW you guys are missing my random posts, ha!
Well, you better get pumped because I feel one coming your way soon :)

Have a great day!
I heart you

27 love notes:

  1. Don't you just love having that happiness (:

    I'm so happy for you & I wish this happiness upon EVERYONE!

    And I can vouch for soccer boys - they're the best ;)

    x, K

  2. LOVe that you are happy. sooo cute

  3. I am such a sucker for a man who can cook and play guitar!

    I just love how easily you give your heart lady - I could definitely learn that lesson from you. And I am so excited to hear more about this guy!

  4. dont apologize for your happiness....
    just keep smiling/blogging/loving life.

    :) that's what is the prettiest to see.

    p.s. he sounds quite amazing.

    good for you sweet pea!

  5. He sounds amazing! :)

    and I have enjoyed your lovey dovey heartwarming love posts, but lets do a random one. hahah. :)


    ps. i will be checking back soon for your post. :)

  6. loved it! and the google part me me smile!

  7. I am so happy for you! He sounds like a sweetheart!

  8. dont you just love beginnings. i love going back and seeing what i wrote about my *him* when *we* we first starting.

    btw- *he* is a goalie too. they're a special breed...

  9. aw sounds like a good one :)

  10. Saaaweet!!!!! Happy New Butterfly in your Stomach Reletionship!!!!!

    I can't wait to see your love story unfold! Isn't everything brighter in life when your in love!

    Enjoy super sexy MR! He sure is dreamy!!!!!

  11. Soccer boys are best, love that he loves photog and cooking! Good for you lady,it happens when you least expect it!

  12. Awww your mister sounds a lot like mine! (pretty much except for the taking pictures) I mean, he's even a goalie!

    He sounds great and I'm so happy for you. Yay new love! :)

  13. He sounds like a dream better scoop him up!!

  14. I am so excited for you Lacey! That's a beautiful thing, and I'm really hoping to find that soon.

  15. Isn't it romantic? Love that song too.

  16. He sounds terrific :)

    And there is definitely something endearing about a guy who will treat you the same no matter how many of his buddies are around. My new guy is like that too and it makes my heart smile!!

  17. guitar players make my heart swoon! so jealous :)

    don't think that you don't deserve this kind of happiness because you do. enjoy it lady!!

  18. I am so happy for you! Nothing cuter than a happy Lacey! :)

  19. The Mr. has a lot of great things going on! I'm really happy for you, Lacey. :-) Your happy makes me smile.

    And I heart that his initials are actually Mr!

  20. YAY too fun! Can't wait until I come out of the closet on my blog...till then I will enjoy your posts!

  21. awwww yay!! so fun!!! i can just feel the puppy love! i'm so excited for you!! he sounds like a keeper :)

  22. You are a lucky girl, he is lucky to though I suspect.

  23. ahhhhhh so cute! it's the little things he does right? adorable.

  24. Lacey Lace, WHAT is your secret? You and your lovely, gentlemanly men. I love it. And love that you're happy. :)

  25. lacey, you are just THE cutest thing ever! I love seeing you happy and free like this. =)


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