Friday, May 7, 2010

How much is too much?

For the first time, I'm questioning how much I want to put out there
when it comes to my relationship
I've questioned how much to say when I've been unhappy in relationships...
but happy? Never. Maybe because I've never been this happy
& nothing has ever felt so right?
I have opened my dashboard and created some beautiful gushy posts,
& then hit delete.
Here's what I'm confused about...
I'm not fearful of The Mr. reading them[I let him read them all thus far and told him he's allowed to visit anytime he wants], my family reading them,
you reading them...
I'm proud of the man I'm with. I'm proud of who I am when I'm with him.
So what's holding me back?
Maybe I think you can only handle so much mushy gushy love stuff?
[& it's literally all that's flowing from my fingertips lately]
Maybe I think you'll think I'm feeling the same way I've felt about other people?
[& that's just so far from the truth]
Maybe I'm afraid I'll jinx it?
[do I even believe in jinxing things?]
I just don't know.
It's something I will have to think a little more about.
I do know it's been a little more difficult to actually create a post, because I used to write at night time & now nights are spent snuggling and laughing and such.

In no way, shape or form will I just NOT be writing about My Mr. and my relationship...
of course I will!
I've just been holding back a bit & am not sure if I am going to continue on that way or let loose!

What are your thoughts on blogging and relationships?

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  1. Well, obviously, I blog about mine and boyfriends relationship all the time... Suer some people don't wanna hear the gushy stuff,b ut why are they reading my blog then? I love him and when i wanna talk about us, I think I should :)

  2. I say gush away! Write the mushy stuff if its what's on your mind. Because when you hold yourself back from writing what you are REALLY thinking and feeling, I think a blog suffers a bit. And how much are you going to love looking back on these blog posts in the future?? :)

    With my old blog, I did try to hold myself back sometimes when I went from single girl to happy in a relationship, fearing that my readers would get sick of hearing how happy I am. But the thing is, that if you're really happy, why hide it? That's where you are at right now, so embrace it. And if anyone can't handle you being so happy and gushy? Well, maybe you shouldn't worry about losing them as a reader.


  3. always write what you feel..even if it is mushy and gushy. i mean, you're already thinking it anyways! :) and i guarantee someone else in a relationship can relate.

    best of luck you and your man!

  4. As much as I love blogging about my relationship, there are some things you have to keep to yourself to make them more special!

  5. At first I always felt like I was bragging when blogging/talking about my relationship. But then I realized that.. I have something to brag about!

    It's a good way to let everyone out there know that they don't have to settle for less. They can have happiness!

    So I say, gush away ;)

    x, K

  6. If you want to write about it, write about it. So what if you end up breaking up? You'll have something to go back and read and make you remember the finer points of the relationship instead of the bitter end. And if you get married? Well, even better!! You'll be able to go back and read about your love when it was fresh and new!

  7. I say share as well...gush, if you want to. Then again, if you don't want to share certain things, well then don't.

    Take mine for example, I'm sure people come across it and get sick of all the wedding stuff, but it's MY life at the moment so who cares!

    At some point, you'll look back and enjoy reading about it. Especially when it'll be something that you have forgotten about. It'll bring you right back to that very moment and put a smile on your face.

  8. i think its nice to share ur relationships while blogging but nothing to personal.


  9. your blog is yours to write about your life. you don't have to cater to certain people, then just read if they want to. i think with a title of lacey in love, they know what they are getting into. i know i'm not going anywhere. :) i'm happy you're happy!

  10. I think this in my past relationship but it does remind me of the fun times. Also, now I am holding so much back it's hard to blog...

  11. I totally understand.

    If it were me, I wouldn't put it all out there simply because I think it's important to keep some things between you and that other person. On the other hand, I don't think it's necessary to go out of your way to NOT talk about something if you truly want to.

    I'm glad you're happy though!

  12. I can handle all the mush you want to dish out! I love happy endings, and I have a feeling you may have found yours! :)

  13. I think there's a fine line between how much is too much to share, and what is just right. I tend to try to be a little cautious, knowing that once it's out there you can't really get rid of it completely. And who knows how you'll feel about that years down the line.

  14. I always tell my daughter to trust her intuition...if you feel uncomfortable then something is bugging you...get quiet, try to figure out what it is and then decide. I think exposing a new relationship is risky because you don't know where it's going to lead you.
    I've enjoyed all of your blogs.

  15. i do the same thing! although i know some of where mine comes from as some of our coworkers read it ... and i don't want them involved in our life because they're nosy and dramatic. but i think happy is happy and it's good to let it out. :)

  16. i think it's your blog and you can post about whatever you feel comfortable. i love going back and reading some of my old posts. even the ones i was afraid to post. go with your guy lady - you won't jinx it.


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