Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Exit, Random Town

Sucks, huh?
I always seem to get a cold at the beginning of Summer. What a bunch of crap.
Speaking of crap... the new Justin Case commercial is actually a little funny... mostly because the girl says "crap", but whatever... enjoy.
More Random Stuff:

My nephew grabs a bag of dark chocolate candies, stares at them for a second, holds the bag next to his head and shakes it and then whispers to me, "Lay Lay, I think that's yummy."
I allowed him to have some just for being so cute. Well played, little man... well played.

My boyfriend has a country super star alter ego named Dusty Britches. He sings inappropriate country songs to me in bed to make me giggle. Dusty has also taken to promoting different products on commercials. We're thinking of starting a facebook fan page for him. I know, I know... I'm a lucky woman.

I'm still loving the drawing of The Mr. & I from Batzy.
I printed one out and put it in a cute oval frame yesterday & I ♥ it!

I'm thinking it would be cute if I had Victoria do drawings of all of my family members & make a coloring book for the kiddos with them! I could get her to do the Mr.'s family too for his niece and nephew. Such a cute and easy gift! I'm bookmarking that idea for Christmas!

Lacey, Out.

12 love notes:

  1. awww... i hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Sorry about being sick :(

    and yea that commercial was stupid and ridiculous!

    As for the portrait, yes its so cute, i love it! good gift ideas

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Love the picture of you and the Mr. And the coloring book idea!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Love the coloring book idea.

  5. Hope you feel better! I'm sick with allergies this week too. Been trapped in the house, wearing t-shirts and boyfriend's gym shorts.

  6. feel better Lace!! I'm sick too right now! I wish we could both be feeling better but I really have enjoyed how we have both been going through all this mushy gushy stuff at the same time! I love reading and relating to your post (Ross sings made up songs to me in his best Justin Bieber voice!) and I hope you feel better sweetie...ps thanks for all the love =0

  7. aww thts nice of ur nephew and the guy. hope u feel better.


  8. I love the print too, so cute!
    get better soon sweetie, take care xo

  9. Thats a great idea! :) feel better soon!
    PS-Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  10. Feel better soon! Colds suck...i just got over mine. Boo :(

    What an adorable drawing. You MUST have her do more...coloring book YES!!!

  11. i hope you are feeling better!

    that idea is darling. i love it!


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