Friday, June 25, 2010

Flash FORWARD, it's Friday!

This week of flashbacks has been good for me! I needed to be pulled away from blogging in order to be able to... well, blog. Isn't that always the case? You step away from something to take a breather and it's all you can think about! I was able to get a few drafts going and jot down some interesting thoughts that could turn into something at some point, so I consider it a successful break.

Anyway, How are you?
I missed you so!

I thought i'd have a little Factoid Friday over here today to get back in the swing of things :)

I'm having a giveaway next week! It's not a sponsor giveaway or anything... it's a Lacey Giveaway! How ya' like them apples? To you, love me. It's sahhweeet too :) I'm thinking I'll do that Wednesday!
pst... it's something from here

& here & here!
I have never been so in love & so happy. It's amazing & I feel like the luckiest girl in the world every. single. day!

I'm about to start working on my first quilt! Eeep!
To the left is my inspiration quilt & to the right are the fabrics I've chosen!

I threw a little black in mine since my bed frame is black. I'm not making a full size... just a mini to lay at the foot of my bed :)
What do you think?
It's Friday! Friday, friday, friday!

If I wore socks in the Summer, I'd wear Friday socks every day :)

Have an amazing weekend!
Love you & all your sweetness!

10 love notes:

  1. love the fabric you picked out!! you'll do great! i can't wait to see it done!

  2. That quilt is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

  3. oh how fun!!! My mother-in-law to be is making a quilt for a wedding gift. She was going to surprise me with it, but decided she wanted my input. It's all in soft shades of blue, green and gray with a background of white. The pattern is a variation of a traditional wedding bands pattern. I'm so excited about it!

  4. The fabric is so cute! Happy to have you back. xoxo

  5. Yo and your guy are sooooooo cute! It makes me all bubbly reading about you two! and hooray for your first quilt...I hope everything turns out well!

  6. Ooooh can't wait to see your quilt:-) Fab fabrics you chose:-)

    P.S. did you get your book?

  7. Love the quilt idea! Can't wait to see your finished product!


  8. Ohh, so that's the new man? Teach me how to snag a new man so quick, girly, I guess it's easier when you're so pretty like that :) I'm usually single for pretty long, that's pretty lame.

  9. I enjoyed your past thoughts, and I am thinking some of them are resurfacing for a reason.......I have prayed for this for you for so long!
    It's written all over your face.


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!