Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Talk About Love +

Hello Lovelies,

This is Rasha, from andthisiswhatshesaid, as you have heard Lacey is having the time of her life on vacation right now, so she had some guest posters, and I was a lucky chosen one :)

I wanna talk about love. As you all know our Lacey is smitten with her new man, and if you've ever been around my blog, you would know that I am head over heels in love myself... so I think it sounds like the popular topic between our two blogs!

I've always considered myself a hopeless romantic. When I fall, I fall hard. Someone once told me a long time ago, that "love is what we are put on this earth to do, and you should always do it with two feet in" so I guess that logic stuck with me.

I have been in love exactly two times. The first time I fell in love, was complicated. We were young, we were stupid, but it was perfect. We loved like there was no tomorrow, like the end of the world could stop today, and we wouldn't care as long as we had each other.. I'm sure you've all had simular experiences, and I'm sure your ending was the same as mine. It ended in devastation and heartbreak and for a long time, I thought my world was never going to be the same.

but I was very wrong...

He came into my world before all of what was previous mentioned, started and failed. I was instantly attracted to him. He was funny, intelligent, attractive, he was basically anything anyone could ask for. Everyone in our town had a crush on him. I of course, being the mere freshman and him a junior was not on his radar. We were good friends, and he taught me a lot of important lessons during low times in my life, but that was all that came of it. We keep in touch, but he had his life and I had mine. We each had our first loves. Not long after I graduated HS, we got back in contact, we talked day and night, about anything and everything, and eventually, he asked me on a date. I was completely taken back. This boy that was my high school crush for so long, now wanted a shot.

Of course I agreed, he came and picked me up for the night and we spent it eating delicious BBQ chicken pizza and homemade chocolate strawberries. From that night on, I knew he was it. I'd fallen head over heels in love with this boy, and you know what? He felt the same.

Skip ahead two years later (well two in july), and you have us. We're silly, we're crazy, we're not like other couples but best of all, we're head over heels in love with one another.

Tell me: Are you or have you ever been, hopelessly in love?

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15 love notes:

  1. i have only known true love twice so far...

    1. my sweet pooch Peyton
    2. my J.

    soon to be 3...

    when i meet my son in August.

  2. Loved this! I consider myself a hopeless romantic too. I thought I was in love once and now I am waiting for true love to come along.

  3. How sweet!
    I am also head over heals in love with my sweety! And I feel an unconditional love for my little cat haha.

  4. Aw, Rasha, I love your post! See, I told you you would come up with something fabulous, didn't I?? So heartfelt and honest. This is why I love you :)

  5. This post gave me butterflies! I'm head over heels in love right now and I can only HOPE it lasts!!! :)

  6. Oh I love this!!! Love your love story!!!I am a hopeless romantic...
    I am not sure I have ever truly beein in love...i have crushed {hard} for a guy but not sure if i have ever been in love...someday we will see i guess.. haha..

  7. What I have right now with my husband is above and beyond any love I might have felt--or thought I felt--before.

  8. I love the quote that you added at the bottom... so true. And reading this love story made me fall in love all over again. Great post Rasha!

  9. I loved this so much! I haven't fallen in love, and I'm pretty sure I haven't been even close. I really want to though and it happens to be a big portion of what I think about!

  10. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! xoxo

  11. Yesss, this was great!! I've wondered how you and Natt met since I first started reading your blog. And you know Rasha, I knew what the two of you had was amazing because it just radiated through your words. It always does. I think you two make a terrific couple.

    And hopeless romantic? Hello, right here. But you know that. :)

    Love this post, love your writing, love knowing you. :)

  12. Very well said Rasha, though I knew this before because of your blog but I agreed hearing it again. You are so in love and it shines! Well said.

    Have fun on vacation Lacy :)

  13. Very good post. I have been in love, not currently. Waiting for the right one to come along.. Thanks for giving me a little kick towards looking forward to it.


    Hannah Katy

  14. i am also a self decalred hopeless romantic...i have only experienced this first love you mentioned with the heartbreak, waiting for the 2nd, hopeful for a happy ending. thanks for this blog and thanks for gave me a little bigger piece of hope today!


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