Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Lust list

Hi all! I'm Helena from A Diary of Lovely. I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Lacey's, she is one of my favorite girls. So while she is out there enjoying some fun days, here I am chit chatting about my June's lust list.

It's a dream/real list, some are attainable wishes some are no no no(s), like the studded flat Louboutin (aren't these so very rock n' roll?) and the strappy Miu Miu sandals. There's also the Alexander Wang Rocco bag and the Philip Lim dress, those are blog pieces (that's what I call them) you know pieces you only dream on your blog? Then there is the WHOLE look I/you/we all love, you know, the one you are like "oh... I WANT it all!" sounds familiar? I guess that's why they pay stylists, to... well to style catalogues and websites.
The desk and the chair are my latest obsessions, I even blogged about it some days ago... 
Then when I get the desk, I will need some art (thats what my little me says on the right/left side of my brain) and these have been on my forever list.
A girl also needs some pretty pin flowers to brighten up a gloomy day and a nice classic pillow right?
And finally on my wish list this month, is a DIY project, I can't stop thinking about this stunning table runner. CANT.STOP.
And that's what I love about wish lists. The "wish" factor :)
WHAT's in your June wish list? Share share share please

Thank you Lacey, it has been a real pleasure to be here today! xoxo


13 love notes:

  1. Helena, I share your love for all of these items - great selections! I especially love the ghost chair and the pillow.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Ohh I like those mugs! Big, decorative mugs always draw me in at stores.

  3. Helena, your lust list is now MY lust list, lol. I love every piece! Especially that darling Nan Lawson, so adorable!

  4. i am lusting after that tablecloth now. please please please.

    also, i own 5 mugs in number 1 and also a print from nan in number 8 and i love!!!!! she is fab!

  5. Ohhh I love all the items...:) Great post sweetie

  6. Oh yum. What a dream list it is!


  7. Oh sweetie this list is perfect! I'm so right there with u :)

  8. i have the anthropologie initial mug..love it. here are some things on my wish list:


  9. Great list, I love this stuff!

  10. I'll just take your whole list. And I love your blog. I am officially your newest follower!

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