Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's been quite a day


My front tire blew out. It scared the bajeezus out of me! Thankfully, I was going 5mph when it happened and not hauling booty on the interstate.

I watched some workers demolish the City Auditorium. My Senior prom & Graduation party were in that building... along with a million dance recitals, pageants and miscellaneous town events.
It's been there my whole life. It was a little bitter sweet to watch it go.
It was laundry day. I was rocking an old tee and jean shorts(not the cute way), lookin' like a true bumpkin.(No offense, my little bumpkin on a swing! You know i love you.) I also forwent makeup and didn't do my hair. I'm lookin' like a realllll hottie today, folks.

I cleaned out my stash of fabrics(These are some of the keepers). I guess I'll try to sell some of the worthy ones & I don't know... donate the others? Any ideas on where I could donate them?

I will wash this nappy hair of mine.
I will paint my nails.
I will watch that hot mess The Jersey Shore.
I will try my best to now organize my fabric.
I will smooch my boyfriend.

ALLLLSO, you may have noticed a few changes around here. I'm just tampering with a few things... nothing huge. One change? I now have a page for all of your buttons! If you have a button you want me to grab and add to my page, please leave a comment letting me know!

15 love notes:

  1. I need to make a button.. Maybe that will be my next project- very nice! :)

    And Sounds like a GREAT night. ;) haha

    Love, makay

  2. This is a shot in the dark, but if you are going to donate your fabrics, you could always send them to me! I'm an art teacher and I would LOVE to have extra fabric for lessons! :) Let me know!

  3. loving your new changes and I know where you can donate them!!!!

    to me :) yup yup yup.

    love you lady.

    So sorry aout your tire, that is scary even 5mph

    and you look hot!

  4. Love the few changes you've done :) I enjoy reading your blogs!

  5. The changes were the first thing I noticed. L.O.V.E them.

    And the fabric is lovely

    My brand new button is up on my page now.


  6. ok, ok i'll take your fabric.... really it's no biggie. i don't mind!!! come get my button!! it's cute!!!!! have a great weekend!

  7. OH no sweet thing...flat tires=no fun. Loving all the fabrics too!!!

  8. If you're serious about donating fabric, Downy has a program called quilts for kids that they accept donations for. They make quilt kits and send them out to people to sew together, then the quilts are given to children in the hospital.

  9. sorry bout the tire : (
    Oh, you still look cute in the jorts and tee!

  10. I need to start sewing again :( sorry about the flat dude that would have scared the crap out of me too!

  11. i think you look adorable.

    and i'm sorry your day has been so rough. those days suck.

  12. such gorgeous fabrics!! i wish i was good with a sewing machine so i could make some cute pillows for them. :)

    oh, and grab my button! it's on my website:

  13. I think you look cute in that outfit and no makeup! Great idea to make a page of buttons, I might try that...will you grab mine at So Stinkin' Cute?

  14. You couldn't possibly look any cuter in your jean shorts & tee :)

    Hope you had a wonderful night pampering yourself & snuggling with your man.

  15. You look like Molly in this picture!


You've always been my favorite... don't tell the others!