Saturday, July 31, 2010

You could already be a winner...

Sorry it took me a while to pick a winner for the giveaway!
Life... ya know?
It gets busy!

Anyway, GET PUMPED...

Because you, my friend, are a big ol' winner!

Email me! [laceyinloveblog@yahoo(dot)com]

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Better luck next time :)
(Of course there will be a next time!)

& If you're still itching for one of those notepads, you can find them right here :)

3 love notes:

  1. Congrats to the lucky girly!
    love, makay

  2. congrats to april! i like her little spot.

    (and LOVE those little notepads!)

  3. i am SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! thank you so much, lacey!!! i've sent you an e-mail :) YYYAAAAYYY!!!!


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