Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life's like an hourglass glued to the table

...Today is my last day being 25...
My 25th year was one of transition. This year I made no moves that I questioned. I felt very sure of myself in all of my decisions... it was REALLY nice. I truly got to know myself this year... I truly learned to love myself this year. I grew closer to God this year. He held my hand and led me in the right direction. He answered a big prayer. It was as if the moment I threw my hands up and told God to take control, MR. walked into my life and changed me forever. I learned that the man I'd always dreamed of not only existed... but had been living right down the street from me. God also welcomed my sweet Granddaddy into His Kingdom this year. My heart was broken, my life was changed & a piece of my innocence left me the night he went away. I laughed A LOT ... with friends, with strangers, with family, with the Mr., but mostly with my nieces and nephew. They grew a ton this year & learned so much. I am still in awe of their beauty & love them more than life. They remind me to be young, laugh, play, see the wonder in nature, and most importantly... they've taught me how to love unconditionally.
25 flew by! I kind of knew it would. It has been quite a year for me! Some really big things happened this year... some that make me happy & some that make me sad, but all of them make me, ME. Here it is... a flashback of my year.

[rang in 25 by floating down the river with friends]

[dated "Mr. Right Now"]

[laughed with friends]

[Spent afternoons playing princess with my princess]

[cheered on the Tigers]

[Loved this little monkey with my whole heart]

[partied with the best of them]

[celebrated a Super Bowl win with kisses from my little doppelganger]

[learned that some things are best left in the past]

[fell in a big deep mega kinda love]

[danced & laughed the night away with my bestie of 21 years]

[had a sleepover with my women... you're never too old for a sleepover!]

[vacationed with my love & his sweet family]

[played in the pool all day with my women]

[lost a piece of my heart]

[laughed, cried, dreamed, hoped, wished, ran, crafted, worked, screamed, danced, shopped, enjoyed, dreaded, kissed, hugged, cursed, celebrated, lived & always, always, always above anything else...

Goodbye 25. You were beautiful.

Want to see what 24 was like for me?
[Life at 24]

See you when I'm 26, my friends :)

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  1. What a great post. So beautiful. Happy early birthday!

  2. sounds like you had an awesome,tragic,crazy year! I will tell you this much though, you look like 18 lol!

  3. Wow you had a good year...

    I hope you have an EVEN better next! :)

    Happy birthday!

    Love, Makay

  4. happy early birthday! i wish i had been as self aware at 25 as you are. I am starting to become more self aware now and I am 30. Good for you!!!!

  5. darling. i love how you see the good and the bad and learn from it. you cherish both and realize it all happens for a reason.

    you inspire me daily. i love you.

  6. Such a beautiful post. Have a lovely birthday sweet girl!

  7. Love this! Happy (early) Birthday, beautiful girl!

  8. What a lovely post! I need to reflect me. Perhaps learn a little more about myself. :o)

    Happy Birthday....tomorrow!

  9. What a beautiful post! I'm so glad I came back into the blogging world from my crazy hiatus just in time to read this! I just turned 26 in July too! I hope this year turns out to be amazing for the both of us!!! You are a lovely lovely girl!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Are you tiki-tubing in that first picture? I've always wanted to go (well as long as I've been in Louisiana), but I've still never been.

    And of course, I hope you have a very happy 26th birthday!!!

  11. Happy 26 lady! Hopefully it will be as incredible as 25!

  12. 26 is going to be an amazing year for you - i can feel it ;)


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